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A color injection

Since we started this blog, I’ve become aware that my friends are much more colourful dressers than me. I tend to stick to a palate of navy, cream, pinks and reds, they all work for me, but I’m feeling the need for a bit of cobalt, chartreuse and coral now. A good excuse (as if I needed one) to go to the sales!

This is probably my most colouful top, from one of my favorite labels Maje. I was very excited to hear that Alexa Chung is the face of Maje for next season, I love her style. Anyway, when I bought this top, I kept it in it’s bag for ages half expecting to return it, yellow and turquoise are so not me! It was the pattern that attracted me to it, and the colors have grown on me. My next challenge will be to wear it with white jeans. One step at a time…..