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Tartan around

Tartan is everywhere right now.  But we really just want to have a touch of the tartan don’t we?  I mean, this look isn’t the aim, is it?!

Again, this is what too much tartan looks like (outfit owned and worn by the Duke of Windsor).  Sometimes less really is more.

As mentioned in a recent blog post, I bought this Morgan & Oates tartan scarf from a charity shop the other week.  I am delighted with it, although its bigger than Ben Hur, so dominates my outfit.  That’s OK, its so good, I am happy for it to take centre stage.  Here I am wearing it with a Mango sequin fronted jumper, Zara super skinny jeans and Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




And today I wore tartan again: Mango black and grey wool mix jacket  |  Primark black cotton long sleeved top  |  Tartan skirt from a vintage shop in NYC (a long time ago)  |  black opaques and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots





Now, if you fancy a cute tartan shirt, may I point you in the direction of this one from New Look (£18)?  Its nice, but it didn’t work for me (I just don’t suit that sort of shirt for some reason), but its worth showing you in case it works for you.

Real life close up (then my phone died.  Quite annoying)


20130929-211531.jpgWebsite photo:

Red Tartan Check Shirt


The Great Pretenders

I’ve been trying to be a little more creative, a little more interesting, a little more individual in how I dress.  Aren’t we all?!  And yet, I’m finding it really hard to do.  Finite amounts of time and money really limit how individual one can be.

For instance, I don’t want to buy Acne Pistols: they are everywhere.  But what other boot has that great angle to the heel?  The high, but not too high heel?  The lovely shaped toe?  The narrow ankle opening?  The beautiful colour options?  No wonder the High Street then shamelessly copies them, and we all flock to buy them or the high street, err, “tributes”.

Another example.  The Acne Star boots.  They are £400.  Ridiculous.  But look at the styling – aren’t they great?!  The heel is actually too high for comfort, but the angles and shaping are lovely.  Making a fairly practical every day ankle boot look elegant: that takes some doing.

Black Matte Finish Star Ankle Boots by Acne

No wonder I bought the TopShop Anarchy version:

TopShop Anarchy boots (also available in tan)

Similarly, I have wanted a leather jacket for a while; something slightly different from a standard biker.  Especially as I already have a wool one.  So, you can imagine my utter delight when I saw that Mango are doing another “tribute” to Rick Owens’ biker.  I don’t really want a copy cat jacket, as I wanted something a little more unique.  But LOOK AT IT!  Its just so gorgeous.  But at £1320, its not for me.

Rick Owens | Blister washed-leather biker jacket | NET-A-PORTER.COM

So, is it any wonder I ordered the Mango version for £170, last night?

Maxi flap leather jacket

And here I am, in the Great Pretenders: Mango maxi flap jacket (this is a M and I have ordered S to get the snug fit that the ribbed panels allow)  |  Denim pencil skirt and opaques  |  TopShop Anarchy boots


20130923-203848.jpgAnd underneath it, my new bling, from Zara: I really am struggling to move away from the herd.


Mind you, I did manage to find this utterly beautiful tartan blanket sized scarf the other week.  Its not, of itself, a terribly individual item, but it is an English brand that I’ve not heard of before, so its a step in the right direction.



Dark romance

I love things that are darkly romantic: so dramatic.  I don’t actually want to live out a big operatic drama, but I like it in my wardrobe.  Its quite fun putting on some black lace and getting in touch with your inner Sicilian widow (she’s in there somewhere, just keep looking).  Assuming a Sicilian widow is blonde and takes her 3 children to the park.

“Oh God, where have they bolted to this time??!”

So, it seems I have quite a range of darkly romantic things to choose from on the high street this Autumn / Winter:

Oasis are doing a floral fancies range, that contains some beautiful looking things, including this ravishing (forgive me, I’ve had wine) winter rose print skirt (£40).  It looks like it would go so well with any of the jewel colours in the print, as well as black.  I think I would wear it with a black polo neck, black tights and oxblood ankle boots (yet to be sourced).  I don’t think its lined, though, which is annoying with tights:

Winter Rose Print Skirt

Maybe its the wine (nice NZ pinot noir) going to my head, but I think the jacket (£65) would also be really useful.  God knows, I couldn’t stop wearing my winter floral scarf last year.

Winter Rose Biker Jacket

Now, obviously I need to include a leather piece or two.  I have been looking for a leather jacket, on and off, for years.  And years.  And these two look like good options, as I don’t fancy another biker jacket.

Collarless quilted leather jacket (£165)

Collarless Quilted Leather Jacket

Cleanline leather jacket (£165)

Cleanline Leather Jacket

Finally, Tracey suggested that this wrap skirt (£75), which might be a good alternative to a standard leather mini skirt:

Leather Mini Wrap Skirt

For those of us who adore velvet (I appreciate some people just loathe it.  Not me, I am like George Castanza in my love of the stuff!), Massimo Dutti are doing a beautiful burgundy velvet blazer (£125).  As an aside, the AW collection from Massimo Dutti looks superb.  My post “summer holiday survival” treat is coming from there:

Finally, aren’t these Alexander McQueen floral De Manta clutches exquisite (about £315)?  Damn, why don’t I go out more, so that the cost per wear wouldn’t be so hideous??

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Oversize Floral Printed Silk De Manta Clutch

This Sicilian widow wore: Planet black lace top  |  Mango Kate skinny jeans  |  Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




Short story

This is a short story. It began with a dress, but it was too short to sit down at a picnic in. So it ended in shorter shorts. For strangely enough, sometimes that’s the more covering option.

Dress outfit: ASOS ikat dress | ASOS orange belt | Gap leather pewter flip flops

Shorts outfit: Dorothy Perkins lace detail cotton top | Mango black cotton shorts | Aldo gold leather sandals | Coccinelle red Queency bag. And lots of moisturiser mixed with St Tropez Gradual Tan in medium / dark




Long and short

Outfit: Massimo Dutti embroidered white cotton blouse (old) (“the long”), Mango black cotton shorts (old) (“the short”), Aldo gold leather sandals (old) and Coccinelle Queency bag (new-ish but sold out). So, that’s the long and the short of it. Boom tish.




Before I start my day, I thought I’d mention that the St Tropez Gradual Tan (on sale at Boots) in medium/dark is very good when mixed with an equal measure of moisturiser. No streaking, good subtle colour, limited fake tan smell.

Gradual Tan Everyday Body 200ml medium/dark: Amazon.co.uk: Beauty