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I am a real lady about town.  Ooh, yes.  This morning, while the Bolters were at nursery, I had a lovely coffee with my husband and then dashed to Selfridges to get a silver christening gift engraved.  I must say, Timpsons do the engraving at Selfridges and, having used them a couple of times, their staff are just lovely: helpful, kind and informed.  On the way back to nursery, I had just enough time for a quick look through a local charity shop.  And I am glad I did!


Selfridges on a sunny day

Charity shopping is such a hit and miss affair.  For every visit that I find something, there are numerous visits when I walk out, empty handed, thinking “oh dear me, that really wasn’t good”.  But I seem to be on a lucky streak lately, so I found two sweet, lacy summery things.

First, this simple, unassuming embroidered white camisole that will work nicely over a white vest and with some distressed denim.




Pretty tops all in a row

Secondly, I have heard a lot about Maje, but never actually tried anything from the brand on.  Now I have, and now I own this lovely grey silk and white lace Maje dress.


Although I think it would work better on me if its a bit shorter, as per the way I have stylishly hoisted the hem up below.  I think I have a frame (small but curvy) that means I can’t wear things that lack shape if they are too long or too big.  But then, I also bend over when attending to and chasing the Bolters, so my dresses and skirts can’t be too short.  Its a fine line.



Details, details…

Today’s outfit: Mango black vest, Forever 21 necklace, Mango black lace skirt, Australian brand sandals, Coccinelle red Queency bag.  And Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in Rose Poudre – buy some nail polish from this range if you like your nail polish to last all week.



Finally, last night my husband played me this clip of Steve Kardynal singing Call Me Maybe, while recording people’s responses on Chat Roulette (never heard of it, but apparently the kids these days love Chat Roulette), and I was both charmed and amused – just try not to smile or laugh while watching!  I have watched it about 6 times today.  OK, just one more time then I will wake the littlest Bolters from their nap…

How green was my blazer

(Anyone else see that charming old movie How Green Was My Valley?)

According to my “smart” phone, my blazer is not that green at all.  I’m a low tech, time poor blogger – I grab my phone and take a photo when in front of a mirror not obscured by toys, mess or children.  But the phone really doesn’t pick up some colours very well.  Particularly bright, ,jewel-like colours that I love so much, so today I am going to have to include website photos so you can really see what a punchy combo the necklace and jacket are. Well, by my fairly conservative standards, anyway!

Ooutfit: Zara emerald green wool blazer, Zara green, blue and turquoise necklace, Primark black long sleeve top, Mango Kate skinny jeans and Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats (not seen, not oh so comfy).



Wow, look at my blazer carefully and you will see how grotty the mirrors are in the local charity store.  That makes me feel better, as if they can’t keep theirs clean, without children around, what hope do I have?!



Hmm, you can almost see how green my blazer is here

And the beads on the necklace are actually a bit greener than the website photo shows.

Talking about necklaces, has anyone else found that they are moving away from big, bold earrings and more towards necklaces and scarves?  Its not just laziness (I keep my studs in day and night, pretty much), but also, the big, bold earrings are just so heavy!  They are great for winter when you are all so covered up that the only way to add some flash is via scarves and earrings, but, really, some are so heavy that I just can’t be doing with them.  Although, I am going to convert my new heavy Zara ones (seen below) into clip ons and see if that helps.  I will keep you (blog) posted!

One more jewellery thing before I go, did anyone manage to get any of that gorgeous Mango Touch  range of jewellery they were doing at Mango?  I was waiting for the sales, but there isn’t much at all on the Mango website, and I just didn’t fancy a scrummage through the bedlam that is their shops at sale time!  They had so many really lovely pieces that I am hoping someone who reads this blog has been able to enjoy them at nicely reduced prices (not that they were extortionate when full price.  I just have been trained, like Pavlov’s dog, by all the discount codes and sales to only buy when things are reduced).  So, if you did get lucky in Mango’s sales, do let me know so I can envy you!

Looking back

As mentioned before, we filled our blog so I am a bit behind.  Looking at photos from last week, the first photo I want to post is from last Thursday.  The weather was wild and wet, but I have found somewhere to take both small and older children that I think is both fantastic and overlooked (ie not as nightmarishly busy as the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum).  The Museum of London, in the City just near the St Paul’s tube station.  While most of their weekend family events are for children over 5 years’ old, on Wednesday’s they have activities for the under 5’s, including during the term breaks.  Its actually really difficult to find somewhere that is both indoors and suitable for small children.

Anyway, my favourite galleries were those covering the periods of 1666-1850’s and also  1850’s-1940’s.  A fascinating time in London’s history, and its both entertainingly and informatively presented at the Museum.  For example – there are several boxes set within a wall where children (and adults) can put their hands in and feel keys, handcuffs, chains etc from an old prison.  There are many other interactive exhibits that I won’t bore you with, but I think its a tremendous museum and I highly recommend it for children of any age, as well as for adults.  I can’t think of anywhere else, apart from the Science Museum, where we have been able to let the girls run around touching exhibits so freely.

Wellclose Square Prison cell

Wellclose Prison

Original 18th century prison cell that you can walk around in

Pleasure Gardens

Pleasure Gardens

Late 18th century pleasure gardens, full of period costumes and specially commissioned masks and hats by Philip Treacy.

Victorian Walk

The Victorian Walk

Victorian Walk in Museum of London – a street of replica Victorian shops

Back to what I was wearing.  As you can see, I was carrying a breadstick as I took this photo while getting the girls ready.  Apart from the breadstick, I was also adorned with a Zara floral silk/cotton scarf, H&M black wool mix biker jacket, & Other Stories Clare Vivier yellow leather bag, Mango Kate  skinny jeans & Kurt Geiger black Willow ankle boots.



You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…  Actually, not for long – the weather forecast says real, genuine sunshine is on its way!

Pop goes some colour

I blog about clothes, so therefore I must use terms like “colour pop”, mustn’t I?!  Only that term always makes me think of someone who just lost at paintball.

Anyway, the sun is shining today so all is well in the world.  And its made me reach for some colour, to add to my cheeriness.

Today’s outfit: Zara red, pink and white tweed jacket, Zara floral top, Mango Kate skinny jeans and Aldo red suede ballet flats.




In the hope that we get more sunshine and even warmer weather, I have used the Dorothy Perkins code DPFWE for 25% off (and went via Quidco for 7% off) and have ordered the navy camisole and white prom dress.  If they are good, I will report back.  Wishing you all a happy, sunny Sunday!

Trying not to get the blues over the weather

Seriously, it’s diabolical isn’t it? First day of Spring, pah.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be too mizzo over it – must look on the bright side and all that. Which is why, over on my personal blog, I was yesterday celebrating the fact that an overcast, muddy trip to a farm at least had the silver lining of making me beyond-words-glad that I am a born and bred city girl.

But the photo I posted of Margot (Penelope Keith in The Good Life) had her rocking an outfit in cobalt blue. It’s one of my favourite colours – Jasmine’s too – and, although we both have Asian colouring, I think that seeing Margot in this pic really shows just how easy and vibrant it is for just about any skin tone to wear.


So today: a bright blue slouchy sweater from Mango via Asos (great reduction; not so sure about the see-through styling here. Ask yourself: what would Margot say?), worn with one of my favourite necklaces, by Twisted Vintage, who rework old, sometimes even broken, pieces to make totally original and one-off items of statement jewellery.


Another blue item that makes me very happy is this scarf, a present from Eve when we were recently shopping in H&M. This photo doesn’t do the colour justice but it’s divine; truly uplifting. I’m wearing it right now with a grey Uniqlo sweater and my pyjama bottoms. I’m actually a bit annoyed by how nice they look together, since it’s a combination that really works, perhaps due in part to the colours in my (Primark) PJs, but one that’s unlikely to be seen outside the home. Pyjamas on the school run. Does anyone? Seriously? Ask yourself: would Margot?