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Spring is in the air

Westfield again today. Important gift buying mission.

I wore Zara skinny jeans, Mint Velvet caramel leather jacket, old cream snake print and orange scarf, Zara studded zebra trainers and All Saints cream Nep top, Marc by Marc Jacobs grey bag. I wouldn’t have thought to wear this jacket just yet, I usually wait for warmer spring. However it fell off a hanger and I threw on in a chair until I had to time to find space for it again. On the chair was the scarf (my eldest always sleeps with one of my scarves) It made me think spring is on the way, which made me smile, hence it’s early outing.

This evening I am going out to the pub for an hour once the babies are in bed. I’m wearing Zara skinnies still with a H&M flamingo sweatshirt, grey Next quilted biker jacket, Topshop Vectra studded slippers and H&M neon star scarf. The sweatshirt is in store now but size up – it’s tight!




Today I Am Happy That..

..I went to meet my friend Sarah WornOut. She has a personal blog about happy things. It makes me smile.

We met in Grind in Westfield. I cannot resist their berry scones. Who cares that I’m going to be in a bikini in a few weeks time when food tastes this good.

I wore black Nudies, Zara animal studded trainers, grey Uniqlo heattech, Vero Moda draped grey shirt, black Zara leather jacket, Mango faux fur waistcoat (on the floor!) Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs grey bag (on the stool)

I struggled with a top today. I need some more draping in my wardrobe I think. I had a look at All Saints but nothing tempted me. Please do let me know if you’ve seen a nice grey or black draped top, shirt even jumper anywhere.

We did some light shopping and both bought some bejewelled Primark boyfriend jeans, I bought this beautiful no brainer black tshirt with a gold brocade tiger design and something about this pleated coral skirt was calling to me so it came home too.


H&M had the nicest starry denim shirt in but the sizing was tiny. I’d need a 16 or 18 which they didn’t have.

I bought a few bits for La Bambina in the Mothercare sale. She already has these Little Bird (Jules Oliver for Mothercare) trousers so I bought a bigger size with 50% off. Lovely colour and they wash well. This lightening print in the Baby K range is great. This is actually a babygrow and a steal for £8.

Lastly I bought this neon star scarf from H&M. A fitting ending to a lovely day with my friend Sarah.


Love and friendship

As I mentioned in my last post, I am surrounding myself with love and friendship this week. We met one of my dearest mates and his wife for brunch this morning. It’s his 60th later this year so we had happy things to discuss. We are planning a trip back to Italy together to celebrate his birthday. It was nice to think of happy times and sunshine to come.

I was planning to wear something other than skinnies and a jumper. However I failed dismally at getting my Little Legs to stay in bed and had to get up with her at 5:30am. Both kids woke each other up every hour all night too so I did not feel great this morning. It’s also freezing out. In the end I wore an ancient green Primark roll neck with Baukjen boxy Gemma on top, Zara olive skinny trousers, Ugg Gershwins, Zara parka, Marc by Marc Jabobs scarf, Carhartt bobble hat.

It is very rare that we get both kids to nap together. Today we did and lordy, I needed it. I woke up feeling much better and went out to the pub for Sunday dinner wearing a grey draped shirt from Vero Moda many moons ago (how I would love to find a new version ), grey Zara heeled boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf, black Nudies which I got from a friend a few years ago and my beautiful yellow Zara sunshine jacket from Sarah WornOut. Told you, surrounding myself with love and friendship, even in my clothes.


West End Girls

Up town yesterday. Little legs went to a show then we are took her and some out of town family for dinner.

Had to nip and have my eyelashes redone first thing. They were looking very worse for wear after two weeks.

Here’s the before and after. I think I will have them done twice more then get them removed. They look great for a week but I don’t have the time or money to get them redone every 7 days.

I could not resist wearing these trainers straight away. Baukjen grey boxy Gemma roll neck, Zara jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs grey bag, Zara studded zebra trainers, Maison Scotch wool star scarf.

Grey skies

It rained all day yesterday in London. We went to the forest but gave in to the elements after twenty minutes. We tried to be hardy but the weather beat us.

I have a streaming cold anyway and a very sore eye. I took a smack in it (mistakenly, from one of my little puddings) and it hasn’t recovered. I wonder if the eyelash extensions have scratched it. Urgh.

More harems, this time denim from Zara TRF via eBay years ago, Gap neon orange sun kissed sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf. I wouldn’t usually bother blogging such a blergh outfit but I have a new leather bracelet on I wanted to share. £2.99 in H&M kid’s section. It may be a belt actually but I liked it so much I bought pink too.

I’m about to dedicate some serious time (well, nap time) to listing some of the masses of things I’ve been storing in the eBay box. What joy.