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My-wardrobe showcase (aka why I am so broken today)

Last night was so fun – Bellinis with Ann WornOut at the my-wardrobe Autumn Winter showcase at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. A fashion parade, canapés, gossiping w Ann, close inspection of beautiful clothes. And more Bellinis and giggles.

Today, I giggle no more. Adorably, the eldest Bolter has tucked me up on the couch with a blanket and is playing Lego at my feet, while peppering me with questions about how I feel and if my tummy ache will go soon and if I need to have a sleep. The answers are : bad, no and yes. God bless her – too cute.

Anyway, back to last night… It was a lovely show case of some beautiful things. My-wardrobe have just signed up lots of emerging London designers (“London Lab”) and are keen to introduce them to their customers. The winter floral items, especially the Red Valentino and MSGM dresses, have huge appeal for me. However, I was surprised and delighted to see a nod to yesteryear in the form of a stunning Marios Schwab maroon dress (£1362) with slashed elbows, so that the underneath fabric can be seen. Very Tudor. I hope to see more of such detailing, maybe at a high st price point!

Lace Applique Wool Renaissance Dress by Marios Schwab

I was also hugely taken with a Carven zebra print pencil skirt (£363). Classic, but with a twist.  And it feels beautiful.


When I got home I was a bit tipsy, so I have only 1 photo of me, amidst ankle boots (the girls totter about in my shoes) cuff links and a Lego horse (mostly cropped out). And the photo is so dark and blurry, I’m ordering a floor lamp today. Once I can face making a decision about anything more taxing than how much cheese to put on my meatballs for lunch (greasy food is a must when hungover, I think).

If I wasn’t feeling so wretched, I’d write more. Or better. So, I’ll just tell you I was wearing a Zara black velvet tuxedo jacket, H&M black lace trimmed blouse, Mango skinny jeans and H&M black mid heels.



Close up of my velvet blazer

Oh, actually, I almost forgot that I went back to the Selfridges concession and the manager said they pick their stock, which they change every 2 weeks, and confirmed that most of it sells out. Unsurprising as its a calm space with the best of the label. Including these maroon leather ankle boots (£60) which I now really fancy.  There were also silk shirts, leather trousers, cashmere jumpers (seemingly, most of the Premium Quality range).  Definitely the best H&M I have been to, but maybe you know another one that’s worth visiting?