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Something Speziale (sic)

This coat isn’t just Per Una, it’s Per Una Speziale. My partner passionately hates it but I really rather like it. It is cold today and I fancied something I could really snuggle up in.
I’m wearing it with a Uniqlo grey cashmere roll neck, Gap denim waistcoat (which I shall remove with the coat), Zara dark denim jeans and shearling lined Acne Pistols. I have a Uniqlo Heattech roll neck on under the cashmere jumper. They are great if you get itchy like me.

Hope you’re having a good Friday.

Old (for) school

Despite being too old for school (well, unless I went back as an, erm, mature age student), today I went out looking a bit school boyish. But I’m a rebel school boy, as my jeans are ripped and patched. Oh, you wild child, you.

I met up with my sister this morning and part of our conversation about how we dress differently for when we are with our children, depending on their ages and what we will doing, included me saying “So, I wouldn’t wear this sort of outfit to the park, for example. It’s a bit formal and the shirt is a bit restricting for lots of clambering about.” Naturally, the weather was relatively mild, so I did, indeed, go to the park with the littlest Bolters. Ever say one thing to then find yourself doing exactly the opposite?

Outfit: Uniqlo grey wool flannel blazer | Gap grey merino V neck jumper | Zara white cotton tuxedo shirt | Uniqlo Heattech camisole (I now buy size M for the extra length, v’s the S) | Only patched jeans (def should have bought 27, not 28. Tumble drier about to be used) | Marks & Spencer pewter ankle boots | Tie Rack purple wool men’s scarf



In distress

– ASOS distressed jeans (“lovingly” stitched and patched and cropped last night. While watching Gossip Girl. Its such good eye candy. Except for Ed Westwick who is quite repugnant. Please can I come back in my next life as Serena Van Der Woodsen? Or at least with her figure and wardrobe?;
– French Connection navy crochet trimmed top;
– Marks & Spencer faux diamond platinum plated bracelet: good but cheap bling;
-Aldo Dobrus nude flats.





Old Favourites

I like new things. I get excited when the fruits of my late night on line shopping are delivered (not so at the Post Office returns trips)

I also like old things – particularly my own old things. I was always a hoarder. I used to keep receipts, bus tickets, every card I was sent (we are a prolific card sending family so my collection was vast) Ten years ago I turned my back on collecting and embraced a new way of remembering things.

A decade on, my wardrobe is still work in progress. I have lots of clothes I’ve had for a very long time.

We had our loft converted last year. My only regret apart from the timing (we only just finished before La Bambina arrived) is that we now have very little storage at home.

I went to collect the two “London Summer” boxes from our storage unit last weekend.
20130605-074238.jpgHow happy I was to be reunited with my pale pink Swedish Hasbeens and my older dark tan Lotta from Stockholm clogs. I bought the Lottas first because they were a lot cheaper. I like them and have worn them a lot (though why I chose brown?!) I got the Hasbeens last year in the Office sale for less than half price. The Hasbeens are thinner and less clunky but otherwise there is little to tell them apart.
I had been wondering why I’d not bought new black sandals last year (I am maybe the only blogger who doesn’t really like my Sam Edelman Gigis) until I found these black sandals from M&S in my boxes. They were slated in reviews so reduced to less than a tenner. This is their third summer. I have the tan colour too.
The beaded beauties were from Primark via Sarah Wornout last year and have yet to be worn. A buckle broke the first time I did them up but has now been fixed and they will be seeing the light of day this week.

I have lots of sandals it seems. I may add a navy brogue style pair I have my eye on to my collection this year and that will be it.

20130605-125351.jpgFinal find to share today, a summery alternative to my beloved grey sweatshirts. This was from Marks & Spencer’s Limited Collection last year. The back is a buttercup almost neon yellow lace while the front is grey marl which makes it easy to wear with kids (I find small hands often snag my lace tops)
Yeay, it’s sunny and I have my legs out. H&M boyfriend denim shorts, neon and cream H&M tshirt, Topshop nude and neon sandals from last year.

Accidental boyfriends

I was having one of those ‘nothing to wear’ days and rooting around in the wardrobe when I found a pair of jeans that I had bought on a whim and forgotten about. Back in the autumn Marks and Spencer launched these jeans for different body shapes and I got the Marilyn straight legs (probably while en route to the food hall for a profiterole stack – don’t tell the children, they are all mine). Now, I don’t know whether it’s vanity sizing gone mad, or maybe I have a rouge pair, but they are huge on me, which is probably why I had sidelined them. No good for winter, but now with the ankles rolled up they make pretty good boyfriend jeans. IMG_5599

As it is now officially summer in Dublin (I know this because my firstborn just got his school holidays, 3 solid months of funding his summer entertainment, yay), I rooted out my Hasbeens, but I’m more likely to be wearing them with my Clarks Hamble brogues which I have hardly taken off since I bought them, so comfy and a great neutral colour.

IMG_5603Wearing them today with a pretty tunic I got years ago from Red Direct and last years best buy jacket from Zara.

I do apologise for the fuzziness of the photos, I found my camera, but have lost the charger. There’s always something missing.