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A little summer updating

The clothes that I have from last summer are, really, still all I want to wear, except that I (convinced myself?) that I needed a couple of new things to update my summer wardrobe.  I don’t spend much on summer clothes as, well, you don’t really need to, and I don’t get as much wear out of them as I do my winter clothes.  So… here are my budget buys, and a couple of planned purchases:

1. ASOS | Five Star Leather Flat Sandals in tan | £11 (told you!)


This is what they look like on me:

These cheapies are mostly sold out, but ASOS have numerous other tan sandals, including these ALDO | Bellia tan thongs | £50 (I have a gold version from a past season and have lived in them for the past few summers):


Very on trend for this season are these NEW LOOK | Hippie Tan Fringed Flat Sandals | £28:


Finally, if you are on a tight budget and like the minimal sandal look, there are the ASOS | Fated leather sandals | £16:


2. MANGO | Scuba Pelmit Skirt in black | 63% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 4% Elastane | £9 (was £29)

I tried, and returned, a similar J Crew skirt last year, as it was too flared.  When I saw this, I thought I’d try that style of skirt again.  Its a keeper.  Flared, but not too flared, and its £9, so if I wear it twice a year, that’s fine.  I’m a size 8-10, but ordered and kept the size 38 (10) as I didn’t want it tight around my middle.


This is what it looks like on me, sans fake tan!:

As for what I plan on buying, well I have a slim / skinny (not super skinny) white jeans hole in my wardrobe, as my old TopShop Baxters wore out.  I tried some on a Zara, but the cut didn’t work for me.  My dear friend Tracey tells me that the TopShop Baxter jeans are good (aka made of thick denim and cut well) again this year, so I plan to try them, again, soon.

3.  TOPSHOP | Baxter jeans in white | £40:

This image looks quite promising, I think, and pretty much just what I had in mind.  I used to have the 32 inch length, but think I will go and do some trying on, including of the 30 inch length, as I fancy a cropped length.

As to what I am buying to wear until it actually gets warm enough to wear summer clothes…

4.  MASSIMO DUTTI | Leather leggings | £265

I have been quite restrained over the last month, as I am saving myself for these beauties.  I am just hoping against hope that they don’t stretch out of shape, as I like the cut, just the way they are.  Unlike many leather leggings I had looked at, these don’t have an elastic waistband (I approach them with caution) and seem cut for my slightly apple-like shape:


Here’s how they look on me (in size 10):

"Mmm, not exactly workwear, but did you know @massimodutti made such amazing #leather #trousers? I didn't." Photo taken by @theworkwearedit on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (03/04/2015)


Have a fantastic day!

Catching up

I spent my summer in an internet free zone. It was tough but I read a lot more books and baked more cakes that I would otherwise have done. We only went for 3 weeks but ended up staying for 2 months, and it’s lucky I couldn’t blog because I would have been sharing my frustrations at the process of buying and selling houses and my (very dark) thoughts about solicitors! It wasn’t all bad though….here are my boys hanging out in granny’s front garden. My children had a ball – climbing trees, making dens and building bridges, having friends to stay and playing football at twilight. I was a beautiful summer which is good to remember on a chilly grey day like today.




And it was all worth it, and we are now living by the sea which was a childhood dream of mine. It is so lovely here…


Anyway, on to shopping and when I got back to town my mission was to track down the M&S pink coat. I had my heart set on it, and with the help of Rachel Worn Out, it was mine.




Not for long though, as it was just all wrong for me. I can’t do oversized, I look like I’m wearing something from the dressing up box, so back it went and I bought the Massimo Dutti red coat instead. This is much more my style although it needs some tweaking too, the sleeves need to be shortened and the buttons moved. It is not the warmest coat, but I love the colour and it’s perfect for days when I am in and out of the car and don’t need a heavy duty coat (that’ll be most days so). Apologies for the dusty mirror and packing boxes. This is my life now!


md red coat

In other shopping news, I nabbed these Celinealike leopard print pony skin trainers in Gap.


They’re not online but are still in my local branch so it’s worth a phone call if you like them. I went for the blue as they go better with my wardrobe. They also come in black. These are the Celine ones.

celine leopards

I also love this warehouse top I got last week, the print is gorgeous, again I can’t find it online, sorry!


Despite my failure with the pink coat, my daughter is rocking the trend these days, in the Stella McCartney coat I got her last winter. This is the child’s equivalent of a ‘car to bar’ coat as it has no warmth in it at all, so it is purely for days when she is being chauffeur driven! I love the sweatshirt from M&S, and the gold high tops from Mini Boden.

IMG_0521 And the really good news chez Emma is that after 6 weeks of living in chaos with no proper cooker and boxes everywhere, the builders are starting next week and soon we will be living in our dream house. It’s all going to go really smoothly, no glitches or arguments, isn’t it?! I’ll keep you posted!

Back to work.

Work, School, routine and discipline feature heavily this week. Therefore, in as few lines as possible:

I am wearing my uniform outfit of Navy. Gerard Darel Blazer with silver admiral buttons and the matching A-line shift dress. To break the rules (well it is warm in London and I want to show off my rapidly fading holiday tan) I have put on LK Bennett snake print Shilo shoes for the office. The Tory Burch discounted (sorry Rachel Wornout) Reva leopard print ballet flats were worn for the fast walk to the station.

I did make a small holiday purchase. A massively reduced Massimo Dutti scarf. So very versatile for work and casual wear. Currently wrapped around me in the office as the air conditioning is on full blast.

There! Done it. Blog for the day and self-imposed shopping detention over.

Scarf – Massimo Dutti (new)
Shoes – Tory Burch (old) and LK Bennett (older)
Dress and Blazer/Jacket – Gerard Darel (oldest)
Bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (Vintage)





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Dark romance

I love things that are darkly romantic: so dramatic.  I don’t actually want to live out a big operatic drama, but I like it in my wardrobe.  Its quite fun putting on some black lace and getting in touch with your inner Sicilian widow (she’s in there somewhere, just keep looking).  Assuming a Sicilian widow is blonde and takes her 3 children to the park.

“Oh God, where have they bolted to this time??!”

So, it seems I have quite a range of darkly romantic things to choose from on the high street this Autumn / Winter:

Oasis are doing a floral fancies range, that contains some beautiful looking things, including this ravishing (forgive me, I’ve had wine) winter rose print skirt (£40).  It looks like it would go so well with any of the jewel colours in the print, as well as black.  I think I would wear it with a black polo neck, black tights and oxblood ankle boots (yet to be sourced).  I don’t think its lined, though, which is annoying with tights:

Winter Rose Print Skirt

Maybe its the wine (nice NZ pinot noir) going to my head, but I think the jacket (£65) would also be really useful.  God knows, I couldn’t stop wearing my winter floral scarf last year.

Winter Rose Biker Jacket

Now, obviously I need to include a leather piece or two.  I have been looking for a leather jacket, on and off, for years.  And years.  And these two look like good options, as I don’t fancy another biker jacket.

Collarless quilted leather jacket (£165)

Collarless Quilted Leather Jacket

Cleanline leather jacket (£165)

Cleanline Leather Jacket

Finally, Tracey suggested that this wrap skirt (£75), which might be a good alternative to a standard leather mini skirt:

Leather Mini Wrap Skirt

For those of us who adore velvet (I appreciate some people just loathe it.  Not me, I am like George Castanza in my love of the stuff!), Massimo Dutti are doing a beautiful burgundy velvet blazer (£125).  As an aside, the AW collection from Massimo Dutti looks superb.  My post “summer holiday survival” treat is coming from there:

Finally, aren’t these Alexander McQueen floral De Manta clutches exquisite (about £315)?  Damn, why don’t I go out more, so that the cost per wear wouldn’t be so hideous??

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Oversize Floral Printed Silk De Manta Clutch

This Sicilian widow wore: Planet black lace top  |  Mango Kate skinny jeans  |  Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




Snow bunny

To paraphrase that great crooner, Dean Martin: “You’re snow bunny ’til some bunny loves you, you’re snow bunny ’til some bunny cares…”.  And actually you’re no snow bunny until you have a great winter coat.  And I’ve found mine!

Walking through Zara, and there it was.  I tried it on, and I love it.  I need at least a M, but I might order L, in order to wear more than just a thin blouse under it.  This puffer jacket (£109) is much more elegant than the ones Zara did last winter, as it doesn’t have all that cheap looking gold hardware or those fiddly belts.  The colour is a pale silvery grey (admittedly I don’t know how water resistant it is, so I might still need to keep my old North Face for those really wet days), but it looks lovely and is warm (fleece lined and filled with 20% feathers and 80% down).  Coming to my rabbit warren very soon…





Image 7 of PUFFER JACKET WITH HOOD from Zara

Image 6 of PUFFER JACKET WITH HOOD from Zara

And while I am on the matter of soft and furry, I tried on a fake fur gilet (£65) in TopShop (here is the link to the mink one (pictured below), as the black version isn’t online), which has potential, although I did think it was a bit straight cut for me.  Size down – this is me in the size 8.  TopShop do good fake fur, so I will be keeping an eye out for more fake fur options as the winter stock continues to come in:





Now, we all make a mistake or two, don’t we?!  Here’s mine (£50 from River Island).  Yes, I love green, yes, I love paisley, yes, I love blazers.  But I don’t think that this item actually works.  I don’t think the colour is right.  Or the fabric.  So, back it goes.




Outfit: Massimo Dutti silk butterfly print (now damaged from slight pulls at the buttons, so unlikely to be worn often again.  Shame, as its pretty.  But too fragile.  Maybe I would fare better with roomier silk shirts, to avoid pulling)  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Australian brand bugle beaded sandals