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Berry nice

How many hours until nursery and playgroup re-start??!!  Well, at least I have this sumptuous silk/cashmere berry scarf to bury myself into.  Its luxe, lovely and only £18.50 from the charming ebay sellers in Scotland, called Mercado Gifts (I have bought from them before).  They are hoping to get some more jewel tones in later this year, and I will be keeping my eye out for the “emerald” that should be coming.  The eBay photos aren’t the best for displaying the “true” colour, so I hope you can see in my photos that the berry is actually slightly pinker than it may otherwise appear.



Photo of scarf taken outside

I am also wearing the Mango tweed jacket, a black H&M long sleeve top, black Kurt Geiger ankle boots and new fab jeans from Mango.  These are called “Kate”.  Well, Kate is great.  £25, with a 25% poly content for good stretch that holds, and a great length for me, so no need for alterations.

Mango Tweed jacket Black - House of Fraser

Mango tweed jacket

Mango Premium super slim jeans

Kate jeans.  I am so fickle – these are the ones I will get a second helping of, because they are just a bit nicer on me than the Zara ones I posted about yesterday.  Unless I find something I like more tomorrow…