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Making an effort

My life has been a sartorial wasteland lately. What happens when the temperature drops dramatically and you want to be warm and cosy at home? Yes, that’s right, your boiler breaks down. This seems to be a constant theme in my life and this time just to add a bit of excitement into the mix, the boiler has an intermittent fault which has the engineer flummoxed, so sometimes we have heat and sometimes we don’t – central heating Russian roulette! Given that I have some kind of mutant circulation which causes my body to be cold even at the height of summer (I was the only person in Sydney wearing a cardigan on a 35 degree summers day!) I am not enjoying life much at the moment. Harrumph.

So I have been wearing layer upon layer upon layer, which is not a good look and makes me feel grotty. Sigh. At the weekend though we had a family lunch in a house with proper heating so I was able to shed a few layers at least. I wore a long-sleeved silk thermal vest, a silk top, my ASOS sequin jacket, my Gerard Darel blazer, which is one of my favorite items of clothing ever -look at those shoulders! MiH paris, and my Edelman Adenas. On my nails i had Chanel rouge Noir with a layer of Lamcome Le Vernis on top. I love the colours of Chanel nail varnish, but no matter what I do it chips within hours.





I’m trying a new layering approach today, nothing slouchy or oversized, I have realized that is bad for morale!

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Hobbs, Gap, Oasis, Kurt Geiger and numerous other stores all have sales on now

Risky business

Dying your leather jacket with shoe dye is, well, a bit risky, but it all worked out fine. Phew!

I bought this jacket for my 40th. I was in London with my family and ended up with two hours to shop – the pressure! I got this grey leather jacket from Comptoir des Cottoniers, and came home very pleased. I didn’t really wear it a lot, 4-6 times maybe when I realized that parts of the leather were starting to discolour. I suppose if I had bought it in Dublin I would have brought it back and made a fuss, but it seemed like too much trouble and so I relegated it to the back of the wardrobe. Every now and then I’d catch sight of it, and the last time that happened I thought “What have I got to lose?” and took out the navy shoe dye(I always have a bottle of navy shoe dye in the house you know, just in case). I won’t bore you with the ‘how to’ but if anyone’s interested in the process, I’m happy to share!



I’m wearing it today with MiH Paris jeans, old Topshop breton and a scarf made from a piece of silk chiffon.


Not giving in to the cold just yet

I can tell you it was pretty chilly at 7.30am when I dropped my eldest to the train station. Brrr. I was tempted to get out my wool pea coat, but it seems bit early for that yet, it is only mid September. I am going to locate my cashmere wrist warmers though, the time has definitely come for them!

This coat from Massimo Dutti is one of my best buys ever, it’s cost per wear is less that 1c I’d guess. I can fit a jumper under it so I’ll try and keep it going for a while longer. they do great coats, here’s a navy double breasted one, and this jacket very similar to mine just shorter

The Topshop boots from last winter are so not my usual style, but I really love them. Their purchase was heavily influenced by Tracey! I’m also wearing my new pink jumper and MIH Paris jeans.    

What a cheapskate

My fundamental problem in life is that I have champagne tastes on a lemonade budget, which means that I have to be
(a) creative,  and
(b) relentless in pursuit of a bargain.

Ebay and I are great friends, no matter what you are looking for, if you have patience, you will eventually find it on ebay.

So here I am in some of my bargain hunter’s spoils. After posting last week about my love affair with cobalt blue, I tracked this top down for 4 Euro in H&M (I also have something else in blue in the pipeline).

The MiH Paris jeans are one of my best ebay finds ever, guess how much? No, lower. Guess again. No, lower than that. Oh, ok, they were a fiver!! Five actual pounds (smug). There was a miss-spelling in the listing and I was the only bidder. At the same time I got a pair of MiH Oslo’s but the cut didn’t suit me, so I resold them (yes, for more than I paid)

And my lovely Chloe shoes which were less than a third of the original price.

Of course I splurge occasionally, sometimes when you see something you just have to have it  NOW, yes, Maje gold boots I am thinking of you. But of course fashion maths dictates that for every 3 bargain purchases you are allowed one extravagant splurge, so that means I deserve the boots, right?