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H&M, naturally

NOTE: I have updated this post to include links and more specific details on the H&M linen tops.

I have come to the realisation that synthetic fibres really are to be avoided as much as possible, so when I went to H&M this morning, it was with a view to trying on only natural fibres.  Well, that limited things for me, didn’t it?!  There are options, though, as follows:

1. Blazer in cream with black stripes and gold threading

This cotton blazer really is lovely, and I think I will be going back for it.  At £30, its not a hard decision to make, although, as you can see, the size 10 is a little big.  And I don’t think I am a size 8.  Plus, the blazer is lined in polyester, which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing cotton.  Anyway, its a nice little thing, and I do still think I will get it.  Which I will need to go into a shop for, as its not on H&M’s diabolical website.  Which I really hope they fix.  Can you believe how many retailers have dreadful websites that you just can’t use easily??





2. Blue and white batik blazer (£30)

The quality in this cotton/linen blazer is pretty impressive – a nice, closely woven, heavy fabric.  Lovely.  Only I am not sure that this print is for me.  Still, if it floats your boat, I think its a great buy.


3. The linen tops (£15)

I have heard about the H&M linen tops, but, as you can see, the plain ones just don’t fit me.  But if they fit you, they are well priced at £13 for the short sleeved ones that come in plain and with lace sleeves and £15 for the long sleeved ones, both in plain (which I can’t find online) and with embroidery.  Can you believe how big the sizing, is, though?  I am wearing size small.  Which looks to be a size 14.  I did try one of the linen tops on a size S in a black and cream stripe with a zip down the back that fitted well, but my phone blacked out and died before I could photograph it.  More technology disappointment!



H black cream striped linen top 
 Website photo of the H&M linen top w zip at the back
H linen top
Short sleeved linen top
H linen top w lace sleeves
Short sleeved linen top w lace sleeves

4. Graphic print skinnies (£40)

Not an amount I would normally pay for H&M jeans, but these look nice.  I don’t, personally, like them enough for me to buy them, but they are quite good.  In general, I like the fit of the H&M trousers.  They look great and are, for the most part, incredible value.



And what did I wear?  Today’s outfit is Zara oriental bird print scarf, cream/beige wool coat from Australia, Primark black l sleeve top, Uniqlo cream leather belt, TopShop Baxters and Mimco tan Anarchy ankle boots.


In the navy

Who doesn’t love a little dressing up drama?  So yesterday, I was in the navy.  I had my anchor pendant from Warehouse, who do some cute little costume jewellery pieces.  I had a navy cashmere cardi from Pure Collection, a navy and white breton from Zara, worn with blue Baxters and tan boots.




Ahoy, me hearties



And, of course!, I had my navy style black coat with military buttons from Massimo Dutti.  I doubt anyone else was vaguely amused, but I was.

Now, if I write this quickly, it might not count.  I ducked into Massimo Dutti (which is such a nice, quiet, subdued place to shop, and one of my 2 year olds loves to run around and is smiled upon indulgently by the staff.).  And saw this.  Its now in my wardrobe.  It only took 6 months’ of hoping and wishing it would go in the sale – from £125 to £65.  I will take a close up photo so you can see the fabric, for my next post.  Its such a dreamy number and I felt quite elegant when I tried it on.  Despite Little Miss Feisty shouting “take it off, put it back” at me.  Charming.  Maybe she had a message for me from The Husband?



Dashing through the shops

Dashing through the shops, with only days to go…  Every year I think it will be different, that I will be different.  More organised, no last minute shopping.  Hasn’t happened.  Next year for sure.

So, for yesterday’s playgroup and shopping trips, I wore the new Zara oriental bird scarf, with a black Gap wool turtleneck (old), Mango cream skinny cords (reduced to £20, but size down – they give!) and tan Mimco ankle boots (old).  Its a bit matchy-matchy, but I liked this outfit, and while the  scarf isn’t incredible quality, the print makes up for it.



Mango Corduroy trousers NEUTRAL - House of Fraser

Mimco Anarchy Bootie

My husband and I then headed out to have –too many cocktails– dinner and drinks with a friend, so I grabbed the new velvet tux blazer from Zara (its divine, I love it), a silk with lace trim Massimo Dutti blouse, TopShop Baxter skinny jeans, TopShop Anarchy boots and baroque Accessorise earrings. The velvet tux blazer is wonderful, but I think I need some better evening trousers and should step away from boots sometimes!  Its a hard one, as my husband walks really fast and I struggle to keep up in heels…




Old photo of the Accessorize earrings


Today I do not feel good, but that’s the cocktails talking.  So to cheer myself up, I got out the new red Aldo Frorani boots!  And I underestimated them – I do really like them, and have felt so  cheered looking down at red boots (they are definitely red and not tan), as I hurried along a wet, grey path.

I wore them with a new (my God, am so profilate at the moment!) Uniqlo black heavy gauge wool polo neck jumper (reduced to £20 and its an absolute bargain – lovely quality, long sleeves and quite flattering.  I got size S), TopShop Baxters (I have many pairs!) and black/white striped l sleeve Primark top.  With River Island Russian doll earrings (reduced to £2!).


bright red articulated russian doll earrings - earrings - jewellery - women - River Island

WOMEN Heavy Gauge Polo Neck Sweater

Aldo FRORANI boots

Is now a good time to mention that Mango has just gone on sale??  Just saying…

Santa spotting

This weekend, we went Santa spotting.  The first place we went was Westfield in White City, where the staff were charming and the experience was great – they incorporated the childrens’ photos into a 3D movie, and then ushered them into a quiet room with Santa.

The second place was the local primary school Christmas fair.  It was a heroic, home made effort and I enjoyed it hugely.

The third place was at The Commander Bar in Notting Hill, where I was utterly charmed by the most magical grotto (in the library upstairs) I have seen – see below.  I was even happier because, unlike at all the big department stores, we were the only ones there.  So if you are nearby on a Sunday afternoon and fancy seeing Santa in a twinkly wonderland, I can’t recommend it highly enough.


No photos from the weekend (have been a bit sick), but today I am wearing a cream/ beige coat (old, from Australia), floral Zara scarf (old), black cashmere Primark cardi (not seen), black Heattech top (not seen, but so vital!) burgundy/wine New Look skinny cords (too tight when I bought them, but now they are quite comfortable.  Not an excellent fit, but I still haven’t seen a richer colour.), tan Mimco ankle boots (old, but the TopShop Anarchy tan boots are a great alternative).



Uniqlo Heattech black l sleeve

Dark Red (Red) Red Corduroy Skinny Trousers | 256424761 | New Look

Mimco Anarchy Bootie



I just can’t get enough

Of this H&M wool mix biker jacket.  Or the Primark floral print jeans – why do these work for me and the super skinnies do not?  No matter, I will track down some more coloured skinnies.

Until I do, I will enjoy the floral print jeans, and hope to enjoy the metallic multi-coloured jacquard trousers Eve just bought from Zara.  They are beautiful and look like they might go with almost as many things as the H&M biker (definitely one of my BEST recent buys).


Outfit: H&M biker, Zara cream embroidered blouse (just seen, but old), Primark floral skinny jeans, Mimco tan Anarchy boots (old), Reiss Knightly bag (old – spot a theme!?) and Tie Rack camel wool scarf (old.  Sigh).

H wool biker jacket