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Mend and make Miu Miu

I have a magenta princess coat, bought a long time ago from Dorothy Perkins.  But it came with black buttons, which can look a bit harsh.  Its a darling coat, so I didn’t want to bin it.  Instead, I pimped my coat.  Mend and make do?  Well, more like mend and make Miu Miu!  Obviously, I can’t upcycle Dotty P all the way up to Miu Miu, but I was thinking of all the jewel encrusting Miu Miu do when I chose my new buttons.
The coat used to look a bit like this:
But I wanted it to look more like this!
Miu Miu
More more Miu Miu
Miu Miu F/W 2009/10
After hours trawling London’s button sellers (Liberty has a wonderful selection, and its such a joy to spend time in the haberdashery department), I found my large diamante buttons on ebay in China at £5 for 4 – a fraction of the cost of buying from UK retailers.

So, how does it look now?  Quite blingy, thank you for asking (although I think I will stitch the pockets shut to improve the line)!  The girls are enthralled, my husband bemused, and I am delighted.  I love a little razzle dazzle…