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7 dresses

I’m sure that my predilection for setting myself style challenges says something about my personality (something I’d rather not know probably!), but it works for me. Last time I decided I wouldn’t wear jeans for a week, now I’ve noticed that I haven’t worn a dress for ages, so that’s what I’m doing now – a week of dresses!

Yesterdays dress was an old Topshop favorite. It has a pleated neckline and a-line skirt and was a bit maternity like so I put a length of elastic in the hem to give it a bubble shape. No sewing involved, the ends of the elastic are joined with a safety pin. Underneath I have a stripy top that I love from Modaspia which I found on Etsy. An old glittery belt gives me a bit of a waist and the boots are my Nicole Farhi’s.

Today I have on a dress I haven’t worn in so long even though I love it. Why do I do that? It’s a silk print from Mango. I’m always on the look out for print dresses but rarely find one that I like colourwise, this one is great though. I have a Nicole Farhi belt and my Autograph ankle boots with it. I couldn’t decide on the blazer though. The grey one is one of my all time favorite items of clothing, I love the cut so, so much. It’s Gerard Darel and I stalked it in House of Fraser last year until they had one of their 25% weekends. It’s wool jersey and so comfortable.

I did a quick swap of the jacket for my velvet Zadig & Voltaire. The warmth of the colour make a big difference, I think. I’ll stick with the grey one today I think purely for the comfort factor, but if I was going out I think I’d wear the velvet. Anyone want to take me to lunch?