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Taxi drivers uniform

I look back longingly to the time when Saturday was all about wandering around town, leisurely coffees and movies. Then I morphed into a taxi driver trying to co-ordinate birthday party and play-date drop offs and pick ups with rugby match timings. Umm, that’s fun. The cherry on the cake is the fact that it is my eldest who now hangs out in town on a Saturday afternoon while I am relegated to the suburbs.

Still I may as well accept my fate with dignity and dress well for the occasion! We all love Isabel M here, and I warmed to her even more when I read about how she came up with the idea for the wedge trainer – so we’d all have longer looking legs and feel comfortable at the same time. Good woman! So in homage to Isabel, I am channeling this look today



Oasis Cherry jeans, Monsoon blouse, and customised Aldo wedge trainers. I’m topping if off with one of my best buys ever – my Sonia Rykiel pea coat. It’s about 6 or 7 years old at this stage, and  when I bought it I was really pushing my budget to the limits. I remember standing in the changing room reasoning the the children could eat beans on toast for a week and I would wear the jacket forever. It’s a strategy that still works for me!

London calling

I spent ages getting dressed this morning.  I looked at my piles of clothes (my new wardrobes are still not ready for their new inhabitants) and felt totally uninspired.  I have lots of clothes, I have lots of summer clothes I have barely worn.  But I am 6 weeks post partum, breast feeding on demand (read every half hour), it was very clammy weather today and nothing looked how I wanted it to.  As I changed for the umpteenth time my little one walked in and said “Wow! You look beautiful!”  It usually takes a long skirt (see Gina’s post today about The Princess Skirt) or some OTT leopard print to hear those words.

London was beautiful today.  Lovely sunny weather, the happy Olympics vibe still going strong.  I wanted to get out there and enjoy it with my kids.  So I threw caution to the wind and went out wearing an outfit chosen by my toddler.

Hobbs navy trousers (copied from the beautiful Nat WornOut and Gina WornOut too), white H&M vest under a green Gap tee with ancient Monsoon gold sandals.  Bag is gold camera bag from M&S.  Balloon from Zizzi.

The ties that bind us

If I said ‘Turn of the screw blouse’ to you what would you think? That I was slightly deranged perhaps?

A few Christmases ago the BBC did an adaptation of the novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’, it was a bit spooky, but I will admit to watching all sorts of stuff I’m not that interested in purely for the costumes and sets. This was an Edwardian drama, and the governess had the most beautiful blouses – pin tucked and embroidered with leg o’ mutton sleeves. So next morning I was online looking for one of those blouses, and I ended up in conversation with at least 2 other WornOuters who were on the hunt for the same thing. We didn’t know each other that well at the time, but that conversation was one of the things that brought us together. In fact it was the beginnings of a process that led me to make lots of friends with a common love of fashion. I know I am among friends when everyone knows what I mean when I say ‘I’m wearing my Turn of the Screw blouse’!

I have acquired a few of these since then, but this is the first and my favourite, from Monsoon. I did iron in this morning, honestly! In return for the skateboard my son is now my official photographer, and we thought we’d take some photos in the garden but the iphone didn’t seem able to cope with the contrast.

I’m wearing it with Whistles Justine trousers which I love, but they are short on me so I don’t know what they’d be like on regular sized women. And to my delight I have found a packing box full of shoes, including these Nicole Farhi sandals. I love, love, love her shoes but they don’t seem to be selling them in Dublin any more. The heel is a wooden cylinder which reminds me of the building bricks my children used to play with when they were very little.
I also found a temporary solution to the mirror problem by propping it up on some old Vogues!

Blouse Monsoon, trousers Whistles, sandals Nicole Farhi, watch Hermes, necklace homemade, newly painted toes in Chanel April.