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Being frilly

I don’t go “out” (ie sans children and/or of an evening) often enough.  Which means some of my pretty things are sitting sadly in the wardrobe, waiting, waiting, waiting to be worn.  Such as this gorgeous orange wool jacket I bought on a whim a couple of years ago from TopShop.  I love wearing it, so decided to put it on for a trip to M&S.  I have also been known to don smoky eye make up and sparkly “jewels” for mundane days at home.   You get your glamour fix where you can, no?



Now, we have a big coat cupboard, so I am going to try and dig out some others.  Even just to give the wonderful H&M wool mix biker a break!

Moving on to items that aren’t quite in my wardrobe, but are shortly to be found at my-wardrobe (oh, the wit!)…  I went to their Spring Summer 13 preview.  Of all the lovely things on show, here’s what *really* struck me:

1. Mother of Pearl

This isn’t a brand I am familiar with, but look at the incredible prints on this top and dress (oh, hello Bambi!).  Wearable art.





2. Acne Pistols in cobalt blue suede

Bang! Bang!  Aren’t these amazing?!  Incredibly vibrant and striking.



3. Mawi earrings

At least I think that’s the brand these beauties are – I was in the middle of admiring them when my toddler woke up early from her nap.  That ended my lovely browsing session…