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Especially for Sue

I realised when I was reading SusieSoSo’s blog that I hadn’t yet posted the photos from when I tried on the Uniqlo silk shirts and shirt dress.

I went in a few weeks back, when the weather was hot, so am wearing a sundress which you can see half pushed down.20130817-084019.jpg

I am a size 10 and need size XS in both the shirt and the shirt dress. Even then, the cut is a bit roomy, so they need tucking in, a bit, somewhere. Still, the colours are lovely and at £40 for the shirt and £70 for the shirt dress, are very well priced. Also, they are thick enough that you don’t actually need to wear a vest/cami under them. Not sure why some other retailers make such sheer silk shirts? I can even see my fingerprints when holding my hand behind some of them.





I also love the shirt dress (£70) – silk feels so wonderful on. Not sure where I would wear it, though.20130817-084229.jpg

WOMEN Silk Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

Finally, SusieSoSo, I think this is the M&S camel coat you want? Fast photo while w the Bolters, but let me know if you need help getting your size as my local M&S seems to have quite a few.



When I’m driving in my car

It is pouring with rain, grey and foggy in London but I’ve already put my heavy winter jumpers away (ciao for now Gemmas) and am going to wear lighter clothes no matter what the weather. That’s what scarves and heattech are for.

I am having a driving lesson today. I have been learning to drive for some years on and off. It feels like forever.


Old Topshop Baxters, neon knit from H&M (in store now for £12.99 in loads of colours) over a black Uniqlo heattech, silver Ash Thelmas, Next jacket, M&S snake print scarf.

Confessions from Ms Matchy Matchy

Dear me.  As I may have mentioned, I like a bit of Massimo Dutti.  And, I like a bit of matchy matchy.  Here is a photo confession of an outfit that combines both:



I confess that my outfit picked out almost every single colour in the Massimo Dutti scarf.  Turn away, fellow Worn Out ladies.  Avert your eyes.


Massimo Dutti scarf.


Zara cream fantasy blazer (similar pictured)

M&S red leather gloves – these are great.

Mango Cord Skinny Pants

Mango skinny cords, although the cords I have are the darker version of these.

Kurt Geiger Willow Ankle Boots

Ah, my Kurt Geiger ankle boots.  The miles we cover.  Back and forth from nursery, mainly.  But then, there is also playgroup.  We do know how to rock and roll together…

Sunrays and skinnies

Yesterday I took my biggest sweetheart out for a quick grocery shop to M&S. In addition to the new lamb chipolatas (which are delicious!), I bought the same tennis bracelet as Tracey. I was prepared to pay the full price of £19.50, but was quite pleased to find it reduced to £10 (its still full price online). Both Tracey and I are now planning on buying more as gifts. Husband is thrilled thinking that now I won’t want a diamond bracelet. I love the blind optimism of the man.


Product Image

I was wearing my tomato red sunray jersey Primark skirt. It’s hard for me to convey just how much the girls love this skirt – they cannot leave it alone. They try and pull it down, hide under it, hang off it while I walk, use it as a blanket… Charming, initially, and then a bit annoying. Unlike the TopShop skirt the other WornOut ladies have, this is not at all flattering around my waist, so I always have to wear a tight top and fitted jacket to try and trim my torso, visually (oh God, did you just read that?!). So I am wearing a cropped, fitted Warehouse denim jacket (I might tumble dry it for a better fit) and a black fitted stretchy long sleeve Primark top (£3.50 – buy them! 95% cotton w 5% elastane for good stretchiness), and Banana Republic black ballets.



On the way back, I stopped in at New Look to try the gorgeous coloured skinny cords again, this time in a size 8 (I am normally a size 10). Eureka!! I almost died getting them on, but Tracey assures me cords give a lot. As the day goes on, I am seeing this is true. Shame, though, I couldn’t get them in a size 9.

So today, I wore the New Look cords with a white long sleeve Primark top, tan leather Gap ballets, Warehouse denim jacket and tan leather Zara cross body bag. With the tennis bracelet, of course!!



Dark Red (Red) Red Corduroy Skinny Trousers | 256424761 | New Look

London calling

I spent ages getting dressed this morning.  I looked at my piles of clothes (my new wardrobes are still not ready for their new inhabitants) and felt totally uninspired.  I have lots of clothes, I have lots of summer clothes I have barely worn.  But I am 6 weeks post partum, breast feeding on demand (read every half hour), it was very clammy weather today and nothing looked how I wanted it to.  As I changed for the umpteenth time my little one walked in and said “Wow! You look beautiful!”  It usually takes a long skirt (see Gina’s post today about The Princess Skirt) or some OTT leopard print to hear those words.

London was beautiful today.  Lovely sunny weather, the happy Olympics vibe still going strong.  I wanted to get out there and enjoy it with my kids.  So I threw caution to the wind and went out wearing an outfit chosen by my toddler.

Hobbs navy trousers (copied from the beautiful Nat WornOut and Gina WornOut too), white H&M vest under a green Gap tee with ancient Monsoon gold sandals.  Bag is gold camera bag from M&S.  Balloon from Zizzi.