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New start, new skirt…

Well it’s back to school today for my oldest and first day for my youngest.  Both were very excited despite the shock of waking up early and cramming onto a crowded bus (after months of lie ins and gentle walks!).

I was rather more upset than she was to leave her in her brand new abode.  In fact she was smiling away as she blew me kisses on my way out of the classroom.  I won’t dare say ‘where has the time gone’…but oh how this year has flown.  It’s terrifying.

So today I’m wearing my ever present M&S scarf, a gap vest top and my new Topshop skirt.  I first saw this on Eve and loved it.  And I have to say it’s better in real life than in photos.  It swishes around most gratifyingly.  Despite it’s sludge colour (which I love) my daughter declared it a ‘princess skirt’ which is highest praise in her world.  If it was pink she would be beside herself with glee.



Just Cos (and a cossie)

You may remember that I was on the hunt for a new cossie, not a holiday one, just one decent and non-flashy enough (okay, yes, mumsy enough) to see me demurely through a wee while longer of weekly mum and baby swimming lessons. The situation had gone from idle desire to urgent need when it became apparent that my ancient one-piece had developed a whacking great see-through patch on the butt – a flaw caused, according to my (soon to be ex if he doesn’t watch it!) husband by spending too much time sitting down.

I’ve got other cossies – 3 of ’em in fact, 2 bikinis and a white Heidi Klein one piece – but I just don’t fancy wearing them down the lido. It’s not a body image thing – they look fine – it’s just that they don’t feel, in that scenario, appropriate. So what did I wear to swimming yesterday? Well, you know, Tracey pops into M&S to buy milk and ends up with a silk Marant-esque scarf … I nip in to satisfy a craving for Braeburn apples and end up with a tummy control swimsuit, reduced to half price. Oh the glamour. I don’t actually need tummy control, but I guess it’s nice to know that it’s there? I can’t seem to find my exact purchase online (although I’m pretty sure you’ll all cope without seeing it!) but if you have an idle curiousity, it’s in this vein .

So from cossie to Cos … the rest of the day, with my three children and I banished from our home by painters and decorators (as an aside – I don’t mind you smoking in my garden, fellas. I do mind you leaving your stinky fag ends in my kitchen bin) was spent in typical jeans-and-top mode. This multi-coloured knit from Cos has been a surprise Good Buy – bought on impulse, worn loads. I wore it over an acid yellow tee from Primark, which has kind of a nice burn out effect and satisfies my yen for something to eke out the last days of summer, in all of its neon, transparent glory.


Cos multi-coloured knit, Primark yellow tee, H&M navy jeans


close up of burn-out effect on tee, currently available in store in other colours too, priced at £4 (from memory)


And then with the evening came a night out, kind of a worky thing but more sociable than not. It had already poured rain a few times during the day and by then, it felt properly like Autumn – so I abandoned any hope of bare legs and dressed in my AW uniform of shades of grey (not quite 50, and no, I haven’t read the book) in a dress from Cos and suede ankle boots from New Look. It was one of the best kinds of evenings – champers on tap, beautiful clothes and lots of lovely, interesting people. Easy not to feel too miserable about the weather, in those circumstances. Less easy when I woke up this morning to another threatening sky and a painter-enforced early morning exodus. No hangover though (the beauty of champagne!) so no complaints, really. Well, apart from the cigarette butts in the bin…


Dress, Cos. Tights, Falke. Boots, New Look.

The skinny on the Uniqlo cargos

Yesterday I ran into Uniqlo “on the way” to getting groceries. Maybe it wasn’t “exactly” on the way. But I needed to have another look at the Uniqlo olive skinny cargos I have been prevaricating over. I have an old pair of the skinny straight version they did a couple of years ago, but these ones are skinny tapered. They are now reduced down to £15, so I bought them. And I am so pleased – they are comfortable and, I think, quite flattering.

Now, I just need to see if the other colours are worth a 2nd trip to Uniqlo. I could do with a better fitting pair of stone skinnies… And next door is TopShop, where they also have some pretty bluebell Baxters, I am pondering. And this is all “on the way” to M&S…

Cream embroidered Zara blouse, olive skinny Uniqlo cargos, suede taupe Primark ballets and Warehouse earrings (old).