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Seeing Double



It’s the mark, I think, of a really good buy when I want to wear it the second I get it home. I actually bought this dress in the sale at Whistles a few weeks ago, but hung it up on the outside of the wardrobe so I could see it from my bed. On Friday, it got its first outing, joining me for dinner with a few friends. It was a sunny evening, so I decided to walk to the restaurant, which required flat, comfy sandals.

Saturday morning was bright, but breezy, so I chucked on jeans and a tee, but by noon the sun was high in the sky, just in time for us to see the carnival dance past, so I felt like putting on something a little looser. On went the dress again, this time with flip-flops.  Today I will have to force myself to wear something else but I’m already looking forward to wearing my Whistles dress again.

Necklace: H&M, Dress: Whistles, Sandals: Clarks, Flipflops: Haivaianas Bags: Mulberry



I fell off the wagon….oops

I had been doing rather well on my self-imposed spending ban, but it all came an end in the last week or two. In my defence it was my birthday that triggered it off, and birthdays do need celebrating so I’m not feeling too badly about it. For various reasons I have not had as much time to wander around the shops lately which has had a very positive effect on my bank balance. Not visiting Zara on a weekly basis will probably fund a holiday this year!

Not that I’m giving up on buying, but I am only purchasing something if I really, really love it. To this end I have a secret Pinterest board, where I pin things I have my eye on. If I’m not bored of it after a week or two of daily visits then I’ll give it serious consideration.

And so the Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale scarf, which many of the fabulous WornOut ladies have, found it’s lovely way into my wardrobe. I spent about 6 weeks pondering over it! Ridiculous really, it is “my” shade, raspberry red, goes with lots in my wardrobe and I love it. I found it on Revolve for a pretty good price.



IMG_5394I wore it out today with my Sonia Rykiel peacoat, and my Mulberry bag. Underneath, I had many layers, Heatgen long sleeved vest, charcoal cashmere jumper, last years Zara blazer, and Whistles crepe trousers from the January sales.

I am very impatiently awaiting delivery of this baby, 8 days and counting…come on DHL!



I spotted it years ago on a blog, I think it was The Sartorialist, and loved it, but I had no idea where it came from. I was really pleased to stumble upon it on a rainy afternoon of web surfing. I want to wear it NOW! Here is the original photo which inspired the purchase. It’s from Konrath von Reumont, who have some other cheekily Diptyque-like items, I love them.

l'amour t 2


And just this morning I bought these boots. I have been after gold ankle boots for what seems like years, my poor WornOut friends must be fed up hearing about my quest. But my shopping motto isn’t ‘Persistence Pays’ for nothing. After many gold boot disappointments, these are mine. Reduced too, wouldn’t you know with a cheapskate like me.



I just had an excited try on now – couldn’t decide whether the jeans should be in or out! I am looking forward to wearing them with olive green skinnies, and my new t-shirt should the temperatures ever rise above 3 degrees. They are called Picker from Dune. The leather is lovely, the toe is pleasingly round (for I am fussy about toe shapes) and the heel is a good ‘running around without getting sore feet’ height. What more could I ask for?!



So that’s me done for a while, I hope!

Lastly I wanted to give a mention to a great blog that I came across recently, written by the very clever indeed, and very lovely Mel. I have been home educating one of my children for the past while (hence the lack of shopping opportunities) and Mels blog has been invaluable in giving me ideas for working with him. Without it we would be doing algebra all day long, so my boy has a lot to thank Mel for! I’m sure that anyone with school age children will find something useful on ATeacherWrites.com.

Family lunch

The last of the birthday celebrations for this weekend. Big family lunch out.


I wore Zara snake print trousers, cream drape front ASOS shirt over the usual Zara vest, Ash Jalouse in stone, Mint Velvet leather jacket, rose gold Mulberry and lots of make up. I’m too old for four days of partying!

Mmmm, chocolate

Chocolate brown is one if my favourite neutrals, I particularly love it in combination with navy and also charcoal.

So that’s what I’m wearing today. Yesterday I made myself this fur gilet. It was a bit of a leap of faith, I didn’t have a pattern, so just took a deep breath and cut. It worked out though and is so yummily soft I can’t see myself taking it off any time soon!

I’m wearing it with a cashmere A-line skirt from a few winters ago and a charcoal cashmere jumper. The ankle boots are Nicole Farhi, the same as my black ones. I literally battled a blizzard two Christmases ago to get my black boots in the sale, but the brown were a much more relaxed purchase from Shoeaholics who sell at amazing discounts. The necklace is my version of a Shourouk, made from a vintage brooch bought on Etsy and some silk cord which arrived in the post this morning. The Mulberry Bayswater is also vintage at this stage but improving with age (Sarah do you recognize it?!).



Uniform colours

My school uniform was green. Emerald green. Emerald green polyester. I was so traumatized by it that I was in my mid 30s when I next purchased a green item of clothing. Maybe that’s why I have sent my children to non-uniform wearing schools?! Most uniforms around here are navy or grey, which is what I’m wearing today. I’m hoping that the textures stop it from being too dull, but maybe I’m deluding myself!


I’m wearing a lace skirt from Zara (last winter), grey fine knit cashmere jumper, Comptoir leather jacket, Mulberry mini bayswater clutch, suede Autograph ankle boots and the (in)famous Mumsnet scarf.