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My-wardrobe showcase (aka why I am so broken today)

Last night was so fun – Bellinis with Ann WornOut at the my-wardrobe Autumn Winter showcase at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. A fashion parade, canapés, gossiping w Ann, close inspection of beautiful clothes. And more Bellinis and giggles.

Today, I giggle no more. Adorably, the eldest Bolter has tucked me up on the couch with a blanket and is playing Lego at my feet, while peppering me with questions about how I feel and if my tummy ache will go soon and if I need to have a sleep. The answers are : bad, no and yes. God bless her – too cute.

Anyway, back to last night… It was a lovely show case of some beautiful things. My-wardrobe have just signed up lots of emerging London designers (“London Lab”) and are keen to introduce them to their customers. The winter floral items, especially the Red Valentino and MSGM dresses, have huge appeal for me. However, I was surprised and delighted to see a nod to yesteryear in the form of a stunning Marios Schwab maroon dress (£1362) with slashed elbows, so that the underneath fabric can be seen. Very Tudor. I hope to see more of such detailing, maybe at a high st price point!

Lace Applique Wool Renaissance Dress by Marios Schwab

I was also hugely taken with a Carven zebra print pencil skirt (£363). Classic, but with a twist.  And it feels beautiful.


When I got home I was a bit tipsy, so I have only 1 photo of me, amidst ankle boots (the girls totter about in my shoes) cuff links and a Lego horse (mostly cropped out). And the photo is so dark and blurry, I’m ordering a floor lamp today. Once I can face making a decision about anything more taxing than how much cheese to put on my meatballs for lunch (greasy food is a must when hungover, I think).

If I wasn’t feeling so wretched, I’d write more. Or better. So, I’ll just tell you I was wearing a Zara black velvet tuxedo jacket, H&M black lace trimmed blouse, Mango skinny jeans and H&M black mid heels.



Close up of my velvet blazer

Oh, actually, I almost forgot that I went back to the Selfridges concession and the manager said they pick their stock, which they change every 2 weeks, and confirmed that most of it sells out. Unsurprising as its a calm space with the best of the label. Including these maroon leather ankle boots (£60) which I now really fancy.  There were also silk shirts, leather trousers, cashmere jumpers (seemingly, most of the Premium Quality range).  Definitely the best H&M I have been to, but maybe you know another one that’s worth visiting?


Being frilly

I don’t go “out” (ie sans children and/or of an evening) often enough.  Which means some of my pretty things are sitting sadly in the wardrobe, waiting, waiting, waiting to be worn.  Such as this gorgeous orange wool jacket I bought on a whim a couple of years ago from TopShop.  I love wearing it, so decided to put it on for a trip to M&S.  I have also been known to don smoky eye make up and sparkly “jewels” for mundane days at home.   You get your glamour fix where you can, no?



Now, we have a big coat cupboard, so I am going to try and dig out some others.  Even just to give the wonderful H&M wool mix biker a break!

Moving on to items that aren’t quite in my wardrobe, but are shortly to be found at my-wardrobe (oh, the wit!)…  I went to their Spring Summer 13 preview.  Of all the lovely things on show, here’s what *really* struck me:

1. Mother of Pearl

This isn’t a brand I am familiar with, but look at the incredible prints on this top and dress (oh, hello Bambi!).  Wearable art.





2. Acne Pistols in cobalt blue suede

Bang! Bang!  Aren’t these amazing?!  Incredibly vibrant and striking.



3. Mawi earrings

At least I think that’s the brand these beauties are – I was in the middle of admiring them when my toddler woke up early from her nap.  That ended my lovely browsing session…



Autumn Leather

No tugging? Tick

No powdering of thigh/ankle/calf or toes? Tick

No need for wire hangers to pull them on? Tick

Wearability? As much as possible.

Joseph Stretch Leather Leggings



I’ve added my comfy discounted DVF shoesMichael Kors clutch (bought in the sale from My wardrobe.com)  Joseph Stevie powder pink silk top (heavily reduced as there was a mark on it.) The mark has now gone thanks to the local dry cleaners) and TopShop plum jacket (not shown).  I was due to wear this Reiss top but as usual I was rushing to get out of the house so I’ll save it for another outing.


You’ve Been Tango’d

I’ve never been one for a fake tan (Asian skin: it’s saved me a lot of time, money, effort and streakiness, I suspect) but orange seems to have featured heavily in what I’ve worn out this week.

First up, and oh-so-glamorously, a hospital appointment. Now, when the nurse commented on the ducks on my Primark blouse and joked that I’d “gone quackers’, I did wonder if perhaps I was meant to be at the other hospital, the one across the road here in this sunny corner of SE London, which treats psychiatric patients. In fact, I wondered whether I’d gone quackers in buying/ wearing the blouse at all, since the big bow is not really my style, although I have since warmed to it.


Duck blouse, Primark. Trousers, H&M. Gold sandals, ASOS.

Anyway. One consultation and one X-Ray later and I left with the happy news that the pneumonia which has plagued me since April, made me a breathless wreck with the hacking cough of an old man at the pub and stopped my marathon training in its tracks has finally departed these lungs and I am back to good health, albeit with a lot of respiratory fitness to re-build up.

So, to celebrate, I headed to Runners Need in town, had a new gait assessment and bought brand new shoes (I also met Ann WornOut for a champers or two in Selfridges … I found her in the Louboutin section of the Shoe Galleries which made my uber-chunky Brooks trainers in their shiny white plastic bag look less appealing than ever ….) And then today … dah dah DAAAH… I went for a run. Only a couple of miles, mind, (the doctor said to take it slow) but it felt so good to be out there again, even if way harder than it felt a few months ago when I was training 5-6 times a week. I was so excited to be wearing my running gear again that I took a photo; like the shoes, it’s all from Runners Need.

As a final touch to my tango-tastic week, we went to a wedding reception last night, to which I wore a purchase from my-wardrobe last year, a Winter Kate halterneck maxi in orange silk. Since it’s been such a rubbish summer, I’ve not had much occasion to wear it this year so last night seemed the perfect opportunity. With it, I wore my gold winged sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, available on netaporter.

Speaking of sandals, I linked the other day to a pair of Kurt Geiger flats I’d bought. Or that I thought I’d bought. I’m not sure what happened, but when it occurred to me a few days later that I’d not had the confirmation email, I did a bit of investigating and – nope, no purchase. And of course now they’re no longer available in my size. What happened?? Maybe I really am going quackers.


Winter Kate Passenger floral halter maxi in orange silk