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Sales Buys


Pink neon cashmere jumper from J Crew
(with a special 40% off) The minute the yellow goes on sale it is mine!

Marc by Marc Jacobs phone holder
and matching make up bag (think that’s enough Marc by Marc Jacobs for a while. Apart from maybe a small neon bag)

Chinti and Parker grey intarsia cashmere jumper


Some people think there is no point buying from High Street sales. I’m not one of them. The Zara sale started at midnight on Thursday. I ordered loads and am returning loads. Everything I am keeping is pretty staid but will be worn a lot – that is after all what makes it a bargain, non?

Very simple and not the greatest of reductions but I have tried this bib fronted shirt several times in store and think I will turn to it often with skinnies and flats.

Lovely drape fronted trousers and the zip on the cuff means they can be worn as easily with flip flops as with black heels for the evening (or with these lovely Bertie Moirans!)

I have had this top in my possession three times before and each time I have reasoned that it is very pretty but would snag quickly in my life. With a tenner off I decided to buy it again. I will wear it simply with jeans and flats and am pleased with the fit and colour under my old snakeprint jacket which I often wear when I (rarely!) go out.

Again, not the most exciting of purchases but my old leopard print shirts are too small and too big so I needed a new one and this is very simple and easy to wear. I can’t find it on line but it was about £12.

This tshirt looks nothing on line but it is a flattering fit and will dress down some of my smarter pyjama style trousers nicely.

The Outnet

I mentioned some of the great deals they had on sunglasses last week. The pairs I ordered have all gone back. You can’t tell it by looking at me but I have a very small head and they all fell off. Some of them were great shades though and I hope someone got and loves a pair.

While I was going through the returns form I thought it would be rude not to have a peak at what else they had on offer. I have been looking for these Sam Edelman Harpers in the snakeprint ever since I had them, returned them & regretted it last year. They’ve been on the Outnet for ages but in small sizes. I finally decided to go for the zebra instead and I liked them (you may want to consider sizing down if you are a half size) until I opened my ASOS order and found shoes that made my heart leap.



These are they – River Island Sachas. I realise they won’t be making many hearts leapt but how I love them. Under half the price of the Harpers, so soft and easy to wear.
I am having a big internal fight to return the similar Bertie Moirans.

The H by Hudson Horrigans I ordered go back. I’ve wanted them all year and when I finally took delivery I didn’t even need to try them on to know they’re not for me. I have form buying winter gear too early anyway (though when is too early in the UK?!) and am pleased not to have fallen into that trap this time.

I have a funeral to go to next week and all of my suits are long given away (to the brilliant Dress for Success) I ordered a few black dresses from ASOS which were all disappointing. I think I may just borrow something from one of my sisters on this occasion.

I would have made some decent purchases from Topshop and Mango too (thank you Joanna!) but their websites let you shop but not check out. Such a waste of time. Hey ho.

For me one of the best signs that something really was a good buy is me wanting to wear it immediately. I was very happy to go out (to the park!) in some of my new gear (though not so happy that I need pretty thick cashmere in June!!) So happy I am double chin smiling at the mirror!

You’ve Been Tango’d

I’ve never been one for a fake tan (Asian skin: it’s saved me a lot of time, money, effort and streakiness, I suspect) but orange seems to have featured heavily in what I’ve worn out this week.

First up, and oh-so-glamorously, a hospital appointment. Now, when the nurse commented on the ducks on my Primark blouse and joked that I’d “gone quackers’, I did wonder if perhaps I was meant to be at the other hospital, the one across the road here in this sunny corner of SE London, which treats psychiatric patients. In fact, I wondered whether I’d gone quackers in buying/ wearing the blouse at all, since the big bow is not really my style, although I have since warmed to it.


Duck blouse, Primark. Trousers, H&M. Gold sandals, ASOS.

Anyway. One consultation and one X-Ray later and I left with the happy news that the pneumonia which has plagued me since April, made me a breathless wreck with the hacking cough of an old man at the pub and stopped my marathon training in its tracks has finally departed these lungs and I am back to good health, albeit with a lot of respiratory fitness to re-build up.

So, to celebrate, I headed to Runners Need in town, had a new gait assessment and bought brand new shoes (I also met Ann WornOut for a champers or two in Selfridges … I found her in the Louboutin section of the Shoe Galleries which made my uber-chunky Brooks trainers in their shiny white plastic bag look less appealing than ever ….) And then today … dah dah DAAAH… I went for a run. Only a couple of miles, mind, (the doctor said to take it slow) but it felt so good to be out there again, even if way harder than it felt a few months ago when I was training 5-6 times a week. I was so excited to be wearing my running gear again that I took a photo; like the shoes, it’s all from Runners Need.

As a final touch to my tango-tastic week, we went to a wedding reception last night, to which I wore a purchase from my-wardrobe last year, a Winter Kate halterneck maxi in orange silk. Since it’s been such a rubbish summer, I’ve not had much occasion to wear it this year so last night seemed the perfect opportunity. With it, I wore my gold winged sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, available on netaporter.

Speaking of sandals, I linked the other day to a pair of Kurt Geiger flats I’d bought. Or that I thought I’d bought. I’m not sure what happened, but when it occurred to me a few days later that I’d not had the confirmation email, I did a bit of investigating and – nope, no purchase. And of course now they’re no longer available in my size. What happened?? Maybe I really am going quackers.


Winter Kate Passenger floral halter maxi in orange silk

Musings on Musa

A girl took a stroll through her neighbourhood. The girl saw some shoes and the shoes looked good!!!

Musa sell the most divine bejewelled sandals, and now I am the very happy owner of 2 extra pairs. Oops a daisy. But aren’t they sublime?! And since we are predicted to have a hot day tomorrow, I can happily muse over which Musa sandals to wear.

Here is a photo of me trying them on, which was such fun as the owner is a lovely lady and very happy to dig out different pairs for me to try, all the while chatting and laughing. Happy moments.  One of the pairs that I bought are similar to these coral beauties.

Top: Primark, lavender New Look skinnies (sold out, but see here for the lemon yellow version, which also looks fab) and Musa sandals (see here for the current selection at Net-A-Porter)!