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Bringing you flowers

When I went shopping on Friday night, I saw this fab New Look pollen print stretch cotton floral skirt. I’m “bringing” you these flowers, and I hope you like them [smile]

While I am there, I might need to buy these New Look black snakeskin ankle strap sandals (£20), too:

Cheap shoes – a good idea?  Well, these are “going out” shoes so the Cost Per Wear is probably about right [grin].  Although I am very tempted by some similar Dune ones, which may be a better quality shoe.  Decisions…  Poor me.

Big shirts

Out shopping yesterday, this is what I wore: Zara brown velvet blazer (probably its last outing as it stays permanently creased at the button, like you see below)  |  Zara cream shirt  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Gap tan leather ballets


After dithering a bit, I bought this big shirt (New Look khaki roll sleeved shirt £20, and size down.  I bought an 8) which is a bit of a different style for me.  Unlike other khakis, this one is more grey / green, so looks better than the commonly found yellowy olive khaki.  I plan to wear the shirt with skinny bottoms, pretty much like you see here.


Sweet pocket detail, don’t you think?20131003-141422.jpg

See?  its big20131003-141431.jpg

Coincidentally, today I am also wearing a big shirt.  Outfit:  H&M denim shirt  |  Zara sparkly necklace  |  TopShop pleather leggings (these are almost the bomb – too high waisted and tight around my tum tum, so this Humpty Dumpty is going to have them altered)  |  Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats20131003-141441.jpg

Idris!, how did you get here?  Oh, I see you are wearing a big shirt, too.  Yes, that’s why you are included in this post.  We would never demean you by leering at you for no reason.20131003-141450.jpg

Easy riding

I think I mentioned these biker jeans before.  Well, here they are: New Look biker skinnies.  Really good looking and its a bit fun having a bit of a biker look when you are pushing a double buggy to school and nursery.  Emulating an outlaw when you very very much live sedately within the law!  OK, no one would ever actually mistake me for an outlaw, but I love a little imaginary dressing up.  Obviously I stop short of buying a leather jacket and adorning it with studs and biker gang mottos!

Back to reality…  The New Look biker skinnies are £23, made of a soft stretchy cotton (28% polyester for good stretchiness), rather than a proper denim.  There is also some fading, which is a good alternative to solid black.  Size wise, they are true to size: I bought a 10, and they fit well.  Expect to see them often!  Although, I just discovered last night that they have been through the dryer (gulp), so I will report back if they didn’t survive.

I wore them in 2 different ways the other day:

Outfit 1: River Island cotton blend yellow jumper (love the colour, do not love the way it stretches out of shape during the day.  Its days are, therefore, numbered)  |  White H&M cotton vest  |  New Look biker skinnies  |  Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots (I have fallen in love with them all over again)


Outfit 2: H&M denim shirt, and the rest of the outfit is the same, as it was the same day.  I liked both looks, but couldn’t find any sparkles to wear with them, so felt a bit bare.  The Bolters have broken some of my sparkles while playing / exploring in my room, so I am a bit of a dull bird at the moment.20130912-215635.jpg

Hopefully you can see the seam detail in this photo.



Website photo:

Black Biker Skinny Jeans

Zoom zoom, happy riding!

That’s how I roll

Sounds like the Bolters are “playing by themselves” (its what I call it when they destroy the place, but without fighting), so lets see how much I can write…

I like a little New Look from time to time.  Definitely somewhere you need to shop in person – amazing how well some of it photographs.  Maybe I should hire their snapper for family photos?  Anyway, the other week I discovered this tremendous roll sleeve T shirt for a fiver.  Yes, please!  Its 90% cotton, 10% viscose, and I sized up to a 12 as while its roomy, its a slimmer cut than some, so doesn’t really work half tucked in unless you size up.

Grey Roll Sleeve T-Shirt

If the Bolters can continue with their cease fire, I might even do a little online order to get the pink version…  And these black biker skinny jeans (£23) that look good in real life (not being solidly black is a good thing, I think), and have 28% polyester, so they should hold their shape.  Black Biker Skinny Jeans

since I bought it the new grey T shirt, I’ve worn it a few times, most recently to the jungle gym.  Yep, glamour, glamour, glamour.

Outfit: Zara cobalt cotton blazer  |  Forever 21 necklace  |  New Look grey roll sleeve T shirt  |  TopShop Baxter white skinnies  |  Banana Republic Ashley black ballets




Am I the only one who is constantly fantasising about life when their children are back at nursery / school?!