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I’m not sure if this picture manages to capture just what a flap I was in when I took it.  10 minutes before I am meant to be at a childrens’ birthday party and I couldn’t find the scarf I wanted and I couldn’t do the buttons up on the back of this beautiful new top that Eve WornOut gave me yesterday (grazie, grazie, grazie – I love it!!!)…

I was rushing around like an utter nutter, in a total flap.  I was actually so late I had to grab my eldest’s scooter and manically scoot to the party, with the birthday presents wildly swinging from the handle bar.  It was not good.  When I got to the party, I then had to console one of the littlest blossoms who had bumped her head while my friend buttoned the back of the blouse up.  I fear I lack grace.


Anyway, the party was incredible and the girls loved it and fell asleep on the way home, with chocolate all around their mouths.  So here I am, enjoying the silence.

New Look leather biker

Zara oriental bird print scarf


New TopShop lace blouse c/o Eve WornOut xxx

Details, details


Gap tan ballets

Now, this good weather has got me thinking of summer sandals, and I have fallen for these Sam Edelman Sophie wedge sandals (£155) – what do you think? They are quite a bold choice for Ms Staid, here…

Just in time

(adopts Dean Martin deep, velvety voice for crooning to the sun)

“Just in time you found me just in time
Before you came my time was running low
I was lost them losing dice were tossed
My bridges all were crossed nowhere to go
Now you’re here now I know just where I’m going
No more doubt or fear I’ve found my way…”

The sun in shining, just in time. Sunshine is a tonic for the soul, and a saviour for my outfit choices!

Yesterday I gleefully ripped off the tags from my new New Look mink (or taupe or beige…) leather jacket and made an old outfit new again.

Outfit is: New Look jacket (reduced to £40. I ask you, could you find a better value leather biker?), Zara oriental bird print scarf, Zara cream embroidered blouse, Marc’s Baby Doll boot cut jeans and Nine West black pointy ankle boots.




Topped with cream

I love a cream / light coloured coat, they make me stop and look and, usually, smile.  And over the last week, I’ve seen and worn a few:

First one: shopping in New Look the other day, I saw this rather lovely mink (a darker hue of cream?) leather biker jacket. Its a great fit (close to the body, and also slim, but not tight, on the arms), so I am quite tempted. Only the leather, is actually a nubuck finish, so I shudder to think how it would look after a day out at the playground…  Reduced to £40, its worth thinking twice about, though, no?  Maybe some suede protector would help?  Its a lovely creamy beige, not grey, not pink, not yellowy.  I am talking myself into this one, I think…



The mink biker on me

Mink (Brown) Mink Leather Biker Jacket | 264609223 | New Look

The widescreen photo from the New Look website.

Second: this coat is lightweight, so as soon as the weather warmed up a little, I happily pulled this old friend out.  I bought it quite a few years ago in Sydney, when I was young and had lots of child free fun.  Ah, the memories…  I digress.



The rest of the outfit is a Massimo Dutti wool sea green and natural toned snakeskin scarf, Zara super skinny jeans and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots.

Massimo Dutti wool animal print scarf

Massimo Dutti scarf

Lastly, while flicking through Vogue today, I saw this charming looking cream lace jacket that will apparently be coming to Hoss Intropia soon.  I looked, its not on their website yet, but I’m looking forward to when it is.  Its a darling little thing, isn’t it?!


Coating and cashmere

Just back after along walk in the snow, taking the girls to a football class and then an impromptu playdate with some friends.  Happy children means happy parents!

Today’s outfit is a white Warehouse shirt, a lilac Brora cashmere cowl neck jumper and New Look coated skinnies.  I have put on some weight, but these coated skinnies just takes it straight back off again.  Bless them!

Today’s regret is wearing cotton socks in wellies.  Learn from me – warm socks for the snow!  Wellies keep your feet dry, but not warm.  Am going to hunt some cashmere / wool socks down again before I venture out again for the papers…



Cashmere Cowl Polo Neck


Brora cowl neck (flint colour is pictured as lilac is an old colour they don’t do anymore)


Black (Black) 32in Black Coated Skinny Jeans | 257653801 | New Look

New Look coated skinnies.  The £20 miracle workers.