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Mmmm, chocolate

Chocolate brown is one if my favourite neutrals, I particularly love it in combination with navy and also charcoal.

So that’s what I’m wearing today. Yesterday I made myself this fur gilet. It was a bit of a leap of faith, I didn’t have a pattern, so just took a deep breath and cut. It worked out though and is so yummily soft I can’t see myself taking it off any time soon!

I’m wearing it with a cashmere A-line skirt from a few winters ago and a charcoal cashmere jumper. The ankle boots are Nicole Farhi, the same as my black ones. I literally battled a blizzard two Christmases ago to get my black boots in the sale, but the brown were a much more relaxed purchase from Shoeaholics who sell at amazing discounts. The necklace is my version of a Shourouk, made from a vintage brooch bought on Etsy and some silk cord which arrived in the post this morning. The Mulberry Bayswater is also vintage at this stage but improving with age (Sarah do you recognize it?!).



7 dresses

I’m sure that my predilection for setting myself style challenges says something about my personality (something I’d rather not know probably!), but it works for me. Last time I decided I wouldn’t wear jeans for a week, now I’ve noticed that I haven’t worn a dress for ages, so that’s what I’m doing now – a week of dresses!

Yesterdays dress was an old Topshop favorite. It has a pleated neckline and a-line skirt and was a bit maternity like so I put a length of elastic in the hem to give it a bubble shape. No sewing involved, the ends of the elastic are joined with a safety pin. Underneath I have a stripy top that I love from Modaspia which I found on Etsy. An old glittery belt gives me a bit of a waist and the boots are my Nicole Farhi’s.

Today I have on a dress I haven’t worn in so long even though I love it. Why do I do that? It’s a silk print from Mango. I’m always on the look out for print dresses but rarely find one that I like colourwise, this one is great though. I have a Nicole Farhi belt and my Autograph ankle boots with it. I couldn’t decide on the blazer though. The grey one is one of my all time favorite items of clothing, I love the cut so, so much. It’s Gerard Darel and I stalked it in House of Fraser last year until they had one of their 25% weekends. It’s wool jersey and so comfortable.

I did a quick swap of the jacket for my velvet Zadig & Voltaire. The warmth of the colour make a big difference, I think. I’ll stick with the grey one today I think purely for the comfort factor, but if I was going out I think I’d wear the velvet. Anyone want to take me to lunch?


The old ones are the best

I haven’t worn a breton in ages, but Rachel inspired me the other day, you can’t beat a stripy top! This is an old Topshop one, very soft and comfortable.  I think I’m really pushing my luck in sandals today, but Thursdays are swimming and ballet days here so I spend most of the day indoors or in the car, so I hope I’ll get away with it!

The jacket was a great find at the end of the Zara sale, great shoulders for me! Trousers are my favorite Whistles Justine, Nicole Farhi sandals and J Crew necklace.

Right, first position and backstroke beckon!

Compare and contrast

I really need to stop buying flat shoes, because if I don’t own them I can’t wear them, right? I have multiple pairs of really comfortable ballet shoes and seem to reach for them by reflex in the morning.

But wearing heels makes such a difference, not just to the look, but for me anyway, to my attitude. I feel much more grown up  and in control in heels.

So following on from my no jeans for a week challenge ( I have managed 10 days now, and  put most of my skinnies in a storage box, attic or ebay?), I am going for a ‘no flats’ week.


This morning I’m wearing a Clements Ribiero cashmere jumper, navy wool a-line skirt, Massimo Dutti navy coat, Vuittonesqe (!) scarf, Mulberry bag, and Tory Burch Revas, now swapped for Nicole Farhi ankle boots

The ties that bind us

If I said ‘Turn of the screw blouse’ to you what would you think? That I was slightly deranged perhaps?

A few Christmases ago the BBC did an adaptation of the novel ‘The Turn of the Screw’, it was a bit spooky, but I will admit to watching all sorts of stuff I’m not that interested in purely for the costumes and sets. This was an Edwardian drama, and the governess had the most beautiful blouses – pin tucked and embroidered with leg o’ mutton sleeves. So next morning I was online looking for one of those blouses, and I ended up in conversation with at least 2 other WornOuters who were on the hunt for the same thing. We didn’t know each other that well at the time, but that conversation was one of the things that brought us together. In fact it was the beginnings of a process that led me to make lots of friends with a common love of fashion. I know I am among friends when everyone knows what I mean when I say ‘I’m wearing my Turn of the Screw blouse’!

I have acquired a few of these since then, but this is the first and my favourite, from Monsoon. I did iron in this morning, honestly! In return for the skateboard my son is now my official photographer, and we thought we’d take some photos in the garden but the iphone didn’t seem able to cope with the contrast.

I’m wearing it with Whistles Justine trousers which I love, but they are short on me so I don’t know what they’d be like on regular sized women. And to my delight I have found a packing box full of shoes, including these Nicole Farhi sandals. I love, love, love her shoes but they don’t seem to be selling them in Dublin any more. The heel is a wooden cylinder which reminds me of the building bricks my children used to play with when they were very little.
I also found a temporary solution to the mirror problem by propping it up on some old Vogues!

Blouse Monsoon, trousers Whistles, sandals Nicole Farhi, watch Hermes, necklace homemade, newly painted toes in Chanel April.