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Just in time

(adopts Dean Martin deep, velvety voice for crooning to the sun)

“Just in time you found me just in time
Before you came my time was running low
I was lost them losing dice were tossed
My bridges all were crossed nowhere to go
Now you’re here now I know just where I’m going
No more doubt or fear I’ve found my way…”

The sun in shining, just in time. Sunshine is a tonic for the soul, and a saviour for my outfit choices!

Yesterday I gleefully ripped off the tags from my new New Look mink (or taupe or beige…) leather jacket and made an old outfit new again.

Outfit is: New Look jacket (reduced to £40. I ask you, could you find a better value leather biker?), Zara oriental bird print scarf, Zara cream embroidered blouse, Marc’s Baby Doll boot cut jeans and Nine West black pointy ankle boots.




Points scored

Well, I am nothing if not a trier!  Here I am in the Diesel Ronhar bootcuts again (one of my three pairs), bought about 4 or 5 years ago.  And have been languishing while I frolicked and pootled and played (any other mothers of young children reading?) in skinnies.  And now, while I still love a skinny jean or two, I want some variety.  So out came the old bootcuts again.

I tried them with flip flops, and with the right top, I like them.  I tried them with slipper flats, and, to my eyes, its not a good look.  I think because, with bootcuts, I prefer it if you can see either all foot (a la flip flops), or all shoe.  So I have tried them again with pointy heeled boots, and the pointy boots have scored.  Its a combo that works for me.

Today’s outfit: Massimo Dutti green, black and cream scarf, Uniqlo black roll neck wool jumper, Uniqlo cream heattech thermal top, Nine West pointy heeled boots.





Here is a photo of my Massimo Dutti scarf, and I thought I’d mention again that Cos have a lovely looking scarf in similar colours:

Massimo Dutti wool animal print scarf

Massimo Dutti scarf

Wool and silk print scarf

Cos wool and silk scarf (£35)

V Thursday

Is it that time of the year again?

Today I am wearing the Danya belted dress from Whistles. This colour (Aubergine I think) is sold out on the Whistles website but the lovely people at Atterley Road have limited stock.

Whistles has now re-stocked the Danya in Navy.

Swoon. Am tempted, as you know Blue is one of my favourite colours, but not without a discount code. March time? Grazia?

Shoes are Nine West Flax black suede stiletto courts.

Nine West gets my vote for a generous size 9 (42) and good reductions can be found online and at House of Fraser.

Navy Blazer/Jacket is Gerard Darel from Ma Boutique and is part of a dress suit.

A little bit of red for V day has come out in this DVF scarf.





Cape Town capers – Part 2 – the lead up

Learning my lesson after terrifying the locals with my skirt blowing hither and thither, I donned trousers and shorts.  In the days leading up to The Big Day, we relaxed by day and dined by night.

One night we had dinner at a superb restaurant, Kitima,

I wore the New Look coated skinny jeans that I love so much (and are reduced!) I am hunting them down in other colours, a cobalt blue Zara top, the sparkly Zara necklace that you also often see, and my old, beloved Nine West heels.




Black (Black) 32in Black Coated Skinny Jeans | 257653801 | New Look

The next night we had a cocktail party at the Nova Constantia guest house, where we were staying.  The guest house was so luxe, and the owners / manager were so accommodating that I really recommend you stay there if you are going to Cape Town.

Pool View

By the pool – ooooh yes!


The bar.

Luxury Suite 1

Luxury, indeed.

I wore a cream Zara tuxedo jacket (old), a fuschia ruffled cami from Forever 21 (fab charity shop find), the black New Look coated skinnies, silver strappy heels from a Spanish brand in Marylebone (I forget which one, but they are old, anyway) and I carried the divinely printed Beta scarf I recently bought


Beta Diamond Flower silk scarf


Cape Town capers – Part 1 – The hen’s day

I’m back, baby, I’m back!  And since its almost like I never had a holiday (already!), I am going to try and eke out my Cape Town experience as long as I can by posting about it as much as I can.  A touch self indulgent, perhaps?

So, I mentioned in my last post that I was off to Cape Town for my sister’s wedding.  It was the most wonderful 5 days, and here are the highlights from Day 1 (the Hen’s Day)…

We started with lunch at Pepenero’s – an elegant looking restaurant with waterviews that was the perfect start to a ladies’ day out.  The food was delicious, especially the Creme Brulee dessert, and the cocktails were fab.  One thing I was surprised about in Cape Town is just how wonderfully attentive the service was everywhere we went- as though we truly were the VIPs I like to dream we were.


After lunch, I had planned for us to do some lawn bowls, as its quite fun to play lawn bowls while enjoying the fantastically cheap drinks.  Yes, I am the style master who planned this Hen’s Day.  Slight problem – the club house of the Atlantic Green Point bowls club had burnt down (see below for an idea of how it *was*).  I was undeterred, and asked if we could bring our own drinks and we would look after ourselves.  I was in for a surprise.


John, who runs the club, had set up a table and chairs, and clean glasses inside the club house (see below – ‘elf and safety concerns, anyone?) and told us to make ourselves at home (the ladies’ toilet was still working).  Once I had recovered from the shock of drinking in a burnt out shell, we were entertained by the very charismatic, knowledgeable and relaxed John who actually gave us a bowls lesson.  Despite most of us lacking the spatial awareness and coordination needed, we all had a really great time.  Numerous “drinks breaks” did help…



John giving us some pointers.  He was quite stoic about the lack of skills in the group, and the frequent “breaks” for drinks…


After many drinks and hours in the sun, we rolled off to the Grand Cafe and Beach on the waterfront for cocktails and dinner.  Excellent food, good strong drinks – it was a very good fun night.



And what did I wear?  Clearly I didn’t know that Cape Town is very windy.  So I wore a floral print short skirt from Zara (seen blowing up around my waist far too often – it was trousers from there on in…), with a cobalt cowl neck Phase Eight top, black David Lawrence blazer and black Nine West heels.   All old.  And I must express my gratitude to the fab Soltan bronzer from Boots that gave me instant colour in the 25 mins I had to get ready after my overnight flight…




Phase Eight Women's Lapis Carla Cowl Top