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Trying again

Aha!  Found the Diesel Ronhar jeans, and I am wearing them today with a beige coat (old from Sydney), a Uniqlo black wool roll neck and Office ponyskin leopard slippers.



Office leopard slippers

What do you think?  I am not sure – I think I prefer them with a boatneck and flip flops, like I wore the other day.  It has also been years since I have worn them, so I am also unaccustomed to how they look.  I will keep on trying and playing around – the joy of a large wardrobe (aka one that needs decluttering!!) is the fun you can have with the different options available, no?

Also, I have some TopShop Marthas, also from a few years ago, so will see how they look slightly rolled up – a gentle introduction / good alternative to boyfriend jeans, perhaps?


Snow leopard

We headed out this afternoon for afternoon cake, fruit salad and juice at Pret.  Instead of reaching for my North Face coat, my inner Cruella de Ville took over, and out came the leopard coat.  My eldest was delighted, stroking my coat, cooing how “pretty it is, Mummy, so pretty”.  Its actually quite a warm coat, so quite a sensible choice for a short walk through the snowy streets.




Tie Rack ivory wool pashmina

cream Tie Rack wool pashmina



TopShop Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

TopShop leopard coat (try eBay if you want one)

SUPER STRETCH SKINNY JEANS - Jeans - Woman - ZARA 4806/233

Zara super stretch skinny jeans

Office CROC PRINT WELLY 2 - style no: 171751499

Office croc print wellies (reduced to £10, but only relevant if you are a size 3)

Am muttering this last bit quietly, as talking about cashmere / wool socks is hardly exciting, but these ones have served me well lately, and at £13 for 2 pairs, I think that’s a great deal.  Cashmere for softness and extra warmth (40%), wool for durability (48%) and polyamide for, I don’t know, elasticity? (12%).

2 Pairs Cashmere Wool Socks 60% Cashmere Size 2.5 - 11 EU 35-46 | eBay

Right, am off for another liqueur.  Night, night, reader.

If Wishing Made Them Mine

I think you had better get a cup of coffee or glass of wine and get comfortable…

Whilst applying calamine cream and aftersun soothing gel day and night to itchy little bodies, I have been thinking of happier times ahead.  Like when Zara goes on sale and also when some or, maybe even, all of the below become mine mine mine! (seriously, I do need some sleep!).  Some of them I have seen and tried in real life (Wish List) and some of them just look good on the website (ToBeConfirmed List)

Massimo Dutti’s short white jacket tops my Wish List.  I saw it and loved it (even though I had to size up).  It’s divine, really lovely.  Not sure if it fits my playgroup / sandpit lifestyle, though…

As I have posted before, these Reiss Dietrich turquoise strappy sandals are sublime and I love them, so they are on my Wish List.  And if they are further reduced (currently £119 and I may have a gold leather pair quite similar), they will be coming home with me.  Best for those who are narrow of hoof, I think.  Apologies for the dodgy picture quality!

Reiss Dietrich Shoes

This Massimo Dutto blonde lace top is superb and also on my Wish List, as the lace quality (lace really needs to be seen in real life, in my opinion, as its all about the fine detail) is beautiful, see the sleeves in the link.  I haven’t tried it on so it may not work on my chunky trunky (Dukan, anyone?).  But think it would be a lovely top to wear out to dinner with girlfriends and/or Husband.  I do love my lace!

And on my Wish List for a long long time have been the Sam Edelman Adena studded slippers in black.  The reason I haven’t bought them is that my little ones are so little that they have only just stopped falling over, often onto my feet – ouch.  But now they are better walkers…  I obviously love a slipper with a twist, and these are so so fierce!

Image 1 of Sam Edelman Adena Stud Detail Satin Slippers

These Office glitter slippers mark the start of my TBC List.  I have the leopard pair so can attest to their comfort (ish) and durability, and think they look fun and versatile (I already have some mulitcoloured glitter ballets and love wearing them).  Again, apologies for the dodgy picture!

MAMMAL SLIP ON - style no: 3012690701

A wiser choice of white blazer for me, than the Massimo Dutti one, might be this wonderfully shaped white Zara TRF blazer with zips.  I haven’t tried it on, so its TBC, but it looks so wonderful on the website that I am hopeful!

And I saw these Zara TRF snake print trousers and thought I must go and try them on as they look to be slightly different, as in more abstract, than some animal prints.  Definitely TBC, as its not the first time I have seen something on the Zara website that I swooned over and then recoiled when I saw it in the store.

Now, I know Zara have gone studding crazy, but this Zara TRF studded shirt hung so beautifully from the mannequin when I saw it in the store, that I really need to go and try it on.

Cream, tan and leopard

What more can I say?! That’s what I wore when I dashed to the newsagent for the paper. And that’s the extent of my day’s outings. Being in quarantine with 2 small children riddled with chicken pox is misery for all concerned.

So, to cheer myself up, I am thinking of my wish list. Which must be broken into things I have seen in real life and love and things that so far look good on the website. And as soon as I can get Husband off the laptop (I am posting from my phone), I will begin “work” on my If Wishing Made it Mine list. Which I need to keep me sane when Zara goes on sale…

Zara cream fantasy jacket (LOTS of gorgeous ones on the website, but this particular style is now only in navy), white H&M top, stone New Look skinny cigarette trousers (here are the brown version, but I think you may still be able to get the stone ones in some stores), Office leopard pony skin slippers (not available in leopard any more but you can get them in black, glitter (hello!  I think you just made the wish list!) and snake) and Clarkstrapeze bag.