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I am not going to panic. Oh no.

So, 34 sleeps to go my daughter tells me. I am trying very hard not to get too stressed out about Christmas this year, but there is something in the air in mid-November that makes me feel panicky. The pressure to make it all perfect can be a bit much!  I am working my way down my list, but my focus at the moment is on finding an Advent calendar for my 8 year old daughter. Her brothers are easy peasy, sadly past the lego  or playmobile calendar stage (it was a low point in my parenting life when they persuaded me to let them open all the boxes on December 1st). All they want is a chocolate one. But my girl doesn’t like chocolate (don’t know where I got her from) and even though I have found gorgeous ideas for calendars on Pinterest, I’m a bit stuck as to what to put in them. I was thinking of maybe a bead a day to make into a necklace, or a craft set of some kind that I can divide into 24 elements. What do you think, any inspiration?

Now if my husband is reading, this is the one that I want… the Ciate mini nail varnish calendar! It seems to be sold out almost everywhere online, but you can buy it here from the Dublin department store Arnotts


I don’t know if it’s the stress getting to me, but I am wearing all black today which is not something that I do often. It might be my leopard coat, it needs something fairly toned down underneath!

The skirt, and cashmere jumper are old, and I have my Edelman Adenas (which I have just found reduced at House of Fraser – quick, they are great shoes!) and this fab beaded collar from Miss Selfridge. It’s is really well made the beads are properly stitched instead of just glued, great quality for  the price.

Ok, back to work I have lots to tick off my list today and school pick up is in an hour. Deep breaths, deep breaths….


That’s the nickname that an ex-boyfriend once gave me, based on the fact that my head was (is) disproportionately small in relation to my body. These days, it might also reasonably relate to my fondness for Pinterest – aesthetic voyeurism and visual notes-to-self at its very best. How I love it!


Kurt Geiger Misty in Tan, currently £65 on sale from £110


So, after seeing – and rather liking – these KG Kurt Geiger shoes in Selfridges on Sunday, I was feeling pretty smug about having resisted the lure of the buy. “Summer’s as good as over,” I reasoned, maturely, with myself. “You already have your ASOS Haste sandals, which you’ve barely worn, you have a gazillion pairs of flat strappy numbers and you took back the Dune Fentons because you’d not had occasion to wear them by the time the returns period was about to expire. So let’s not be buying these babies. Let’s just pin ’em for future reference.”


Haste from ASOS in tan, no longer available


So far, so restrained. One great thing about Pin is that it’s a vicarious hit of loveliness – you pin something you love, and it’s like an ownership of sorts – not quite as heady as the rush of the shopping bag (and credit card bill!) but enough to take the edge off an acquisitive appetite.

Except when you pin something that comes in two different colourways and, idly curious, you click on the alternative. And – ooops. You love it more, it’s reduced even further, and it’s in your size.

Fingers (and KG Misty-clad toes) crossed for an Indian Summer, eh?


Kurt Geiger Misty in Beige, now £35 in sale from £110