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Trying harder

So today I tried harder and felt happier in my clothes. I also went shopping which almost always makes me happy.
20130530-154904.jpg Zara snake print maxi skirt, Zara grey linen long sleeve tee, with H&M beige lace neck vest underneath, Sam Edelman Frankie, old snake print scarf, Mint Velvet leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag (thanks for the name Suzanne!)

I bought a few things.
20130530-162153.jpgThis is the happiest spending £7.99 has probably ever made me! Thanks H&M!

20130530-161302.jpgThe first of today’s odd poses! I tried the blue snake version of this before but it did me no favours. I like this much more. Again, it is from H&M.

20130530-160850.jpgThis bag was less than £10. Watermelon reminds me of Italy in summer which always makes me happy so it has come home with me.

20130530-162430.jpgThese black Dobrus flats from Aldo are simple but comfy. My sister had a pair years ago from Poste Mistress and they looked great with jeans. I hope these will too seeing as my sandals are getting so little wear.

20130530-171107.jpgI got these pale blue harems in Zara (though they describe them as palazzo trousers) I plan to wear them with a grey tshirt and silver sandals.

And finally the reason I’m really happy! 20130530-162548.jpgMy photo isn’t doing this beautiful Zara coat justice at all. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it so I will make sure I get a better photo next time.

I’m off to smile at my final purchase – La Bambina’s first tutu!

P.s (You can’t see my tongue but it is in my cheek)