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Today I Am Happy That..

..I went to meet my friend Sarah WornOut. She has a personal blog about happy things. It makes me smile.

We met in Grind in Westfield. I cannot resist their berry scones. Who cares that I’m going to be in a bikini in a few weeks time when food tastes this good.

I wore black Nudies, Zara animal studded trainers, grey Uniqlo heattech, Vero Moda draped grey shirt, black Zara leather jacket, Mango faux fur waistcoat (on the floor!) Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs grey bag (on the stool)

I struggled with a top today. I need some more draping in my wardrobe I think. I had a look at All Saints but nothing tempted me. Please do let me know if you’ve seen a nice grey or black draped top, shirt even jumper anywhere.

We did some light shopping and both bought some bejewelled Primark boyfriend jeans, I bought this beautiful no brainer black tshirt with a gold brocade tiger design and something about this pleated coral skirt was calling to me so it came home too.


H&M had the nicest starry denim shirt in but the sizing was tiny. I’d need a 16 or 18 which they didn’t have.

I bought a few bits for La Bambina in the Mothercare sale. She already has these Little Bird (Jules Oliver for Mothercare) trousers so I bought a bigger size with 50% off. Lovely colour and they wash well. This lightening print in the Baby K range is great. This is actually a babygrow and a steal for £8.

Lastly I bought this neon star scarf from H&M. A fitting ending to a lovely day with my friend Sarah.


Love and friendship

As I mentioned in my last post, I am surrounding myself with love and friendship this week. We met one of my dearest mates and his wife for brunch this morning. It’s his 60th later this year so we had happy things to discuss. We are planning a trip back to Italy together to celebrate his birthday. It was nice to think of happy times and sunshine to come.

I was planning to wear something other than skinnies and a jumper. However I failed dismally at getting my Little Legs to stay in bed and had to get up with her at 5:30am. Both kids woke each other up every hour all night too so I did not feel great this morning. It’s also freezing out. In the end I wore an ancient green Primark roll neck with Baukjen boxy Gemma on top, Zara olive skinny trousers, Ugg Gershwins, Zara parka, Marc by Marc Jabobs scarf, Carhartt bobble hat.

It is very rare that we get both kids to nap together. Today we did and lordy, I needed it. I woke up feeling much better and went out to the pub for Sunday dinner wearing a grey draped shirt from Vero Moda many moons ago (how I would love to find a new version ), grey Zara heeled boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf, black Nudies which I got from a friend a few years ago and my beautiful yellow Zara sunshine jacket from Sarah WornOut. Told you, surrounding myself with love and friendship, even in my clothes.


Star jeans

Sunny in London yesterday and time to escape from the house of sickness. We all have hacking coughs but there is no way we could pass up the chance for some fresh air and sunshine. Off to the funfair.

I wore my new Primark star jeans. I have never had jeans from Primark before so thought I’d try them out on a day when I would only be out for a few hours and it didn’t matter if they went baggy. I have been looking for some star jeans for ages. I have some dark navy Zara star jeans that I blogged at Christmas but they are too dark for summer. I really like the Current/Elliot ones that Tracey WornOut has but when I tried them they just didn’t fit me properly. I’d been keeping my eyes open for similar though and was very pleased to find these for £13. They did go a little baggy but not awfully so and were still comfortable and are quite flatteringly mid-high waisted. The leg wrinkled a bit on me which I know some people hate but I don’t mind. I think I will wear them a lot.


We’re shopping

Today we went to Westfield.

I always start in the wonderful Grind on the ground floor. Their cakes and savouries are so tasty and they make really good coffee (sadly I don’t say that about many places) Today I scoffed down this cherry and almond scone. Heavenly.

I could barely resist buying up half of the kid’s section in John Lewis. Some beautiful vibrant prints. Finding their Kin kid’s range was wonderful! I think it is new and I don’t know much about it but I saw stylish, affordable clothes for kids and my heart sang. I showed my gratitude by making several purchases.


The blue and white smock and dress are really cool in real life and the grey and orange dress is already one of my favourite things my daughter has ever had. I adore it. I was excited to look at the women’s version on line when I came home but I think it’s far less stylish than the kid’s range. There is a nice orange silk tee that may tempt me though and it’s definitely a brand I shall be keeping an eye on.

I went into Zara to take some things back and as I walked in the door my eyes settled on these.

I have spent winter resisting the leopard version. This was just too much. I will be able to indulge my passion for animal print, studding and trainers all at the same time as well as nodding towards the monochrome trend. Happy Mama!

I wore a comfortable outfit. Zara plum harems, Belstaff bikers, J Crew cashmere long sleeve tee, Zara leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs dragon scarf, Nars Schiap lipstick, See by Chloe bag, Primark shopping basket.


Apparently monochrome is going to be a key trend this coming season.  This is good because I already have a lot of black.  And white.  And find them easy to wear together.  You can pretend its because I am stylish, but I know that you know its really because I lack imagination in putting colours together.

On Friday I went shopping for a couple of hours at Westfield.  It was actually warm enough to take my thick jumper off, and you can see that I was already monochromatic.  Dressed like a burglar.  But with better shoes.  The posture and facial expressions aren’t that far off, though [grin]




My outfit was a long sleeved striped top from Primark (these stretchy long sleeved tops are great.  And about £2.  Which actually makes them fantastic), Zara super skinny jeans and red Aldo Frarani boots.  I was also wearing a Uniqlo black wool heavy gauge polo neck jumper that I wish I had had the foresight to buy in both the black and navy.  I love it – great shape, so thick and made of pure wool (which isn’t itching me, for some reason.  Maybe because the neck isn’t tight).  If you see one in your Uniqlo (they are sold out online and are reduced to £20.  God, I am a fool to not get the navy!), do buy one – they are perfect for the coldest part of winter.

Uniqlo heavy guage wool jumper (S)

Uniqlo heavy gauge jumper

SUPER STRETCH SKINNY JEANS - Jeans - Woman - ZARA 4806/233

Zara super skinny jeans.  They’re so nice, I had to buy them twice

Aldo FRORANI boots

Aldo Frorani boots

Anyway, while I was out and about, I saw these lovely, but too high, grey suede Narelle (labelled as Marlene in Westfield) ankle boots in Jones the Bootmaker.  If you can deal with the high heel, they are worth considering (£99).


My photo of Narelle – lovely, isn’t she?!

Jones Bootmaker Narelle Ankle Boots

Website photo of Narelle – doesn’t really do her justice, does it?

While I was at Westfield, I collected a bag I had bought online a few weeks ago.  The Amber cross body bag by Coccinelle (reduced to £40, and now sold out).  What should I do?  Keep or return?  I was hoping for a cherry red, but the Coccinelle Quency bag I was hoping would be a better option is actually a coral / red, which I don’t like.  So… now I am looking at the red of the Amber bag again, wondering if it will be versatile enough (its heading towards burgundy and I want cherry.  I think).

Coccinelle red Amber cross body

Oh, one last thing…  I also saw this beautiful scarf in Cos, in case anyone is looking for a wool/silk scarf with deep sea green tones, and doesn’t want to spend more than £35…