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Bolt of the blue

Since I am all rugged up in my warmest clothes – cashmere, Heattech and my decidedly practical looking North Face coat – the only real variety I could easily add this morning was via different earrings.  I probably look a bit bizarre heading off to playgroup with chandelier earrings, but as a nice lady who helps run the playgroup said to me “if you don’t wear them to playgroup, just where are you going to wear them”?  Too true.

Today’s outfit is a navy cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, the Zara super skinny jeans (the 2nd pair), white Primark long sleeved top and Kurt Geiger ankle boots.



Chandelier earrings from Oliver Bonas (definitely a store worth having a browse in for pretty costume jewellery pieces.  Especially if you like the delicate look of Alex Monroe, but are thinking cheaper.  Obviously, the quality reflects the price, but they stock lovely items).

Now, you may remember that a while ago I went to the My-Wardrobe SS13 preview, and was quite taken with the cobalt blue Pistols.  Reader, they are in stock (exclusively at My-Wardrobe, for £350)!  And Daily Mail, only slightly behind, has done an advert/article on them today, although they seem to be labouring under the illusion that there is a waiting list.  Mmm, not yet there isn’t…

Pistol Shorts Side Zip Suede Ankle Boot by Acne

I am a practical girl, though, and think that, since I destroy suede (one of my many gifts), I will be looking to these Opening Ceremony Brenda deep blue glitter leather chelsea boots (£254).  Leather is the better choice for me.  And these have a little flash to cheer the soul.


Brenda is very versatile, as she also comes in a pretty blush pink, if you prefer: WOOPTT800002BLH

In the navy

Who doesn’t love a little dressing up drama?  So yesterday, I was in the navy.  I had my anchor pendant from Warehouse, who do some cute little costume jewellery pieces.  I had a navy cashmere cardi from Pure Collection, a navy and white breton from Zara, worn with blue Baxters and tan boots.




Ahoy, me hearties



And, of course!, I had my navy style black coat with military buttons from Massimo Dutti.  I doubt anyone else was vaguely amused, but I was.

Now, if I write this quickly, it might not count.  I ducked into Massimo Dutti (which is such a nice, quiet, subdued place to shop, and one of my 2 year olds loves to run around and is smiled upon indulgently by the staff.).  And saw this.  Its now in my wardrobe.  It only took 6 months’ of hoping and wishing it would go in the sale – from £125 to £65.  I will take a close up photo so you can see the fabric, for my next post.  Its such a dreamy number and I felt quite elegant when I tried it on.  Despite Little Miss Feisty shouting “take it off, put it back” at me.  Charming.  Maybe she had a message for me from The Husband?



Glittery bits

It’s another grey and dreary day. So for my trip to playgroup I wore a sensible outfit, with some glittery bits. Glitter is good for the soul.

Lavender New Look skinnies (I love these and will be buying more New Look skinnies in the future), silver grey cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, white l sleeve H&M top, glitter New look ballets and glitter Primark purse. Have also included an uncharacteristically revealing lipstick shot as I liked the colour (Clinique lip gloss over a Loreal plum lipstick)

Shades of grey. Not 50 shades, mind. No.

Despite saying to Sarah WornOut the other day that I had skull fatigue (you know, I love the Alexander McQueen inspired skull prints that are popular at the moment, it’s just that I have seen quite a few), guess who pulled out her old River Island skull print scarf w rose detail to try and de-mumsy my cashmere cardi, skinny jean and ballet outfit. And in doing so, I created an outfit of various shades of grey. But not 50 Shades of Grey. No.

Since I have had a skull print backtrack, I will confess to absolutely loving some of them, including this scarf (I saw it and my heart leapt), and I wonder if Sarah WornOut bought the top she was considering? It did look great on her. Hopefully she did and will blog about it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I wore the ruched H&M vest that I blogged about last week. I love it! So flattering, especially on my rather generous midsection (I am a true apple!). But I bought a S and think I should have bought XS. Well, the sun always rises so I can return to H&M another day.

Grey and pink River Island skull print scarf, grey round neck cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, white ruched H&M vest, organic blue TopShop Baxter skinny jeans and pink nubuck Ted Baker ballets.

Making the most of the day of summer

Since it appears that summer is with us but for one day, I made the most of the good weather and dusted off a sundress I bought last year from New Look. The style was charmingly named Samantha. How bewitching. As was the weather today. I don’t think I can bear to look at the weather forecast for tomorrow, though….

One thing that will cheer me up, though, are these fabulous and incredibly flattering vests I just bought from H&M. Isabella Oliver style side ruching but with an inner layer that pulls you in a smidge, and only £8 each! I bought both the white and black (in small – I am a standard 10) and have high hopes for the magic they will perform on my chunky trunky. I will post photos ASAP when I am wearing them.

Dress: New Look, sandals from Accessorize (old), Clarks trapeze handbag (sold out?  Not on the website anymore.  Mine is now sporting green pen marks, which is why I didn’t buy the Gracie – my darlings trash my things) and navy Pure Collection round neck cashmere cardi(holding it, and, of course, ended up wearing it). The first photo I took shows the whole outfit but is blurry. Much more flattering, but not terribly helpful for seeing detail so took extra photos when in H&M.