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Accidental boyfriends

I was having one of those ‘nothing to wear’ days and rooting around in the wardrobe when I found a pair of jeans that I had bought on a whim and forgotten about. Back in the autumn Marks and Spencer launched these jeans for different body shapes and I got the Marilyn straight legs (probably while en route to the food hall for a profiterole stack – don’t tell the children, they are all mine). Now, I don’t know whether it’s vanity sizing gone mad, or maybe I have a rouge pair, but they are huge on me, which is probably why I had sidelined them. No good for winter, but now with the ankles rolled up they make pretty good boyfriend jeans. IMG_5599

As it is now officially summer in Dublin (I know this because my firstborn just got his school holidays, 3 solid months of funding his summer entertainment, yay), I rooted out my Hasbeens, but I’m more likely to be wearing them with my Clarks Hamble brogues which I have hardly taken off since I bought them, so comfy and a great neutral colour.

IMG_5603Wearing them today with a pretty tunic I got years ago from Red Direct and last years best buy jacket from Zara.

I do apologise for the fuzziness of the photos, I found my camera, but have lost the charger. There’s always something missing.