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Being frilly

I don’t go “out” (ie sans children and/or of an evening) often enough.  Which means some of my pretty things are sitting sadly in the wardrobe, waiting, waiting, waiting to be worn.  Such as this gorgeous orange wool jacket I bought on a whim a couple of years ago from TopShop.  I love wearing it, so decided to put it on for a trip to M&S.  I have also been known to don smoky eye make up and sparkly “jewels” for mundane days at home.   You get your glamour fix where you can, no?



Now, we have a big coat cupboard, so I am going to try and dig out some others.  Even just to give the wonderful H&M wool mix biker a break!

Moving on to items that aren’t quite in my wardrobe, but are shortly to be found at my-wardrobe (oh, the wit!)…  I went to their Spring Summer 13 preview.  Of all the lovely things on show, here’s what *really* struck me:

1. Mother of Pearl

This isn’t a brand I am familiar with, but look at the incredible prints on this top and dress (oh, hello Bambi!).  Wearable art.





2. Acne Pistols in cobalt blue suede

Bang! Bang!  Aren’t these amazing?!  Incredibly vibrant and striking.



3. Mawi earrings

At least I think that’s the brand these beauties are – I was in the middle of admiring them when my toddler woke up early from her nap.  That ended my lovely browsing session…



I just can’t get enough

Of this H&M wool mix biker jacket.  Or the Primark floral print jeans – why do these work for me and the super skinnies do not?  No matter, I will track down some more coloured skinnies.

Until I do, I will enjoy the floral print jeans, and hope to enjoy the metallic multi-coloured jacquard trousers Eve just bought from Zara.  They are beautiful and look like they might go with almost as many things as the H&M biker (definitely one of my BEST recent buys).


Outfit: H&M biker, Zara cream embroidered blouse (just seen, but old), Primark floral skinny jeans, Mimco tan Anarchy boots (old), Reiss Knightly bag (old – spot a theme!?) and Tie Rack camel wool scarf (old.  Sigh).

H wool biker jacket


Autumn Leather

No tugging? Tick

No powdering of thigh/ankle/calf or toes? Tick

No need for wire hangers to pull them on? Tick

Wearability? As much as possible.

Joseph Stretch Leather Leggings



I’ve added my comfy discounted DVF shoesMichael Kors clutch (bought in the sale from My wardrobe.com)  Joseph Stevie powder pink silk top (heavily reduced as there was a mark on it.) The mark has now gone thanks to the local dry cleaners) and TopShop plum jacket (not shown).  I was due to wear this Reiss top but as usual I was rushing to get out of the house so I’ll save it for another outing.


Thanks and praise

It’s my eldest’s birthday party tomorrow, so have been busy like a bee. Firstly, thank you Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book for making generations of children happy, and providing their parents with clear instructions on how to make the cake of their children’s dreams. Or a close to as their parents can get!!! Husband and and I are about to attempt making Leonard the Lion. Wish me luck. I am going to chug down the wine to try and unlock some hidden creative talent that never seems to emerge. But must be around somewhere.

Secondly, a big thank you to the lovely lady at the Non Stop Party Shop (!!) for inflating many many foil animal shaped balloons, all with a smile. Just like she does for us every time. The girls were beside themselves with excitement when we brought the balloons home this evening.

My third thank you goes to the candid, but charming, lady in Marks and Spencer who advised me not to buy the dress that I was trying on over my clothes in the shop while my eldest sulkily and silently looked on. Apparently it was too mumsy for me (this from a lady who was old enough to be my own mother [blush]). She performed an act of fashion charity, I feel.

And my last thank you goes to my darling girl, whose party is tomorrow, for being such a delicious child who im/patiently accompanies me on many of my outings, including this afternoon’s dash around M&S. Despite today’s lapse, she is developing quite a good eye for outfits. Especially if your taste runs to animal and floral prints and adornments. We are simpatico in that respect.

Hot pink Oasis blouse, black sheeny Mango skinny cords, black leather New Look ballets and black Reiss Knightly handbag.

Highs and lows

And nothing in between. Just yet…

So, on Wednesday I went a-shopping to Westfield and finally purchased the sky high Reiss Dietrich heels. I love them I love them I love them. All the more so because that’s the day they were marked down to £51. If the girls hadn’t woken early from their nap, I would have bought them on Saturday when they were £84.

And what do you think I did with the money I saved? Ploughed it straight back into the economy (I know, I am a saint) in the form of the low (aka flat) Aldo Sprouls gold sandals. Currently £20.99.

Which does mean I still have some change left over, but maybe not for long as I am currently on the prowl for some medium heeled wedges. All suggestions gratefully received!!

Turquoise suede Reiss Dietrich sandals and gold leather Aldo Sprouls sandals. Both worn with Revlon Red nail polish and a happy smile. I do love my shoes.