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It’s black and white

A little Friday monochrome.

Outfit: Banana Republic black cotton blazer (bought on sale for £20 from £110.  Their sales are unbeatable!), Massimo Dutti black butterfly print on white silk shirt, TopShop white Baxter jeans, Australian brand sandals.  With Revlon Red polish.




Oh dear, toenail chip: I fought the pram.  And the pram won.  It always does.

Highs and lows

And nothing in between. Just yet…

So, on Wednesday I went a-shopping to Westfield and finally purchased the sky high Reiss Dietrich heels. I love them I love them I love them. All the more so because that’s the day they were marked down to £51. If the girls hadn’t woken early from their nap, I would have bought them on Saturday when they were £84.

And what do you think I did with the money I saved? Ploughed it straight back into the economy (I know, I am a saint) in the form of the low (aka flat) Aldo Sprouls gold sandals. Currently £20.99.

Which does mean I still have some change left over, but maybe not for long as I am currently on the prowl for some medium heeled wedges. All suggestions gratefully received!!

Turquoise suede Reiss Dietrich sandals and gold leather Aldo Sprouls sandals. Both worn with Revlon Red nail polish and a happy smile. I do love my shoes.