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The Great Pretenders

I’ve been trying to be a little more creative, a little more interesting, a little more individual in how I dress.  Aren’t we all?!  And yet, I’m finding it really hard to do.  Finite amounts of time and money really limit how individual one can be.

For instance, I don’t want to buy Acne Pistols: they are everywhere.  But what other boot has that great angle to the heel?  The high, but not too high heel?  The lovely shaped toe?  The narrow ankle opening?  The beautiful colour options?  No wonder the High Street then shamelessly copies them, and we all flock to buy them or the high street, err, “tributes”.

Another example.  The Acne Star boots.  They are £400.  Ridiculous.  But look at the styling – aren’t they great?!  The heel is actually too high for comfort, but the angles and shaping are lovely.  Making a fairly practical every day ankle boot look elegant: that takes some doing.

Black Matte Finish Star Ankle Boots by Acne

No wonder I bought the TopShop Anarchy version:

TopShop Anarchy boots (also available in tan)

Similarly, I have wanted a leather jacket for a while; something slightly different from a standard biker.  Especially as I already have a wool one.  So, you can imagine my utter delight when I saw that Mango are doing another “tribute” to Rick Owens’ biker.  I don’t really want a copy cat jacket, as I wanted something a little more unique.  But LOOK AT IT!  Its just so gorgeous.  But at £1320, its not for me.

Rick Owens | Blister washed-leather biker jacket | NET-A-PORTER.COM

So, is it any wonder I ordered the Mango version for £170, last night?

Maxi flap leather jacket

And here I am, in the Great Pretenders: Mango maxi flap jacket (this is a M and I have ordered S to get the snug fit that the ribbed panels allow)  |  Denim pencil skirt and opaques  |  TopShop Anarchy boots


20130923-203848.jpgAnd underneath it, my new bling, from Zara: I really am struggling to move away from the herd.


Mind you, I did manage to find this utterly beautiful tartan blanket sized scarf the other week.  Its not, of itself, a terribly individual item, but it is an English brand that I’ve not heard of before, so its a step in the right direction.