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Marant via Marks and Spencer

I may be deluded.  I  often am  and especially when one factors in that I’ve just bought 3 pairs of school shoes and am now slowly drinking  a restorative cup of coffee to get over that interesting retail experience.

Anyway after leaving John Lewis shoe department it was a quick whizz to Marks & Spencer to buy milk and my eye was caught by this scarf.

Now it reminded me very much of the Etoile Isabel Marant haca print that was everywhere in the spring.  I loved this jacket

But luckily for my bank balance it didn’t fit me terribly well.  So am wearing the scarf with old Jaeger jacket, River Island skinnies and a navy Johnnie B vest top.


The scarf isn’t online yet but was part of their Indigo range and cost £29.50 and its silk which makes a change from the nasty polyester that seems to be everywhere.

In the pink

I have just restarted my Shredding, so when I got dressed this morning I had a very pink face from my morning work out with Jillian. Well, 20 minutes is a lot of exercise for me!! Combined with this pink based floral Zara top and New Look pale pink jeans and pale rose pink toenails, I was top to toe pink. Ye gads. What has happened to me? Has all the oestrogen in this family finally sent me over the edge? Is Hello Kitty next for me? No. Now that’s silly talk.

Anyway… There is a fantastic Russian exhibition we went to today in the Kensington Palace gardens section of Hyde Park, which is open to the public as part of the Olympics celebrations. It has putt putt golf, live performers, a tent with children’s craft activities, food and a few other exhibits. It’s really worth checking out if you are nearby. If you aren’t and don’t want to miss out on a bit of Russian action, how about this charming Russian doll (matryoshka) pendant from River Island. Coming to my jewellery box soon…

By the way, have a look at what happened to my phone settings when I was in the Russian exhibition. Crazy!! Can anyone explain??

Shades of grey. Not 50 shades, mind. No.

Despite saying to Sarah WornOut the other day that I had skull fatigue (you know, I love the Alexander McQueen inspired skull prints that are popular at the moment, it’s just that I have seen quite a few), guess who pulled out her old River Island skull print scarf w rose detail to try and de-mumsy my cashmere cardi, skinny jean and ballet outfit. And in doing so, I created an outfit of various shades of grey. But not 50 Shades of Grey. No.

Since I have had a skull print backtrack, I will confess to absolutely loving some of them, including this scarf (I saw it and my heart leapt), and I wonder if Sarah WornOut bought the top she was considering? It did look great on her. Hopefully she did and will blog about it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I wore the ruched H&M vest that I blogged about last week. I love it! So flattering, especially on my rather generous midsection (I am a true apple!). But I bought a S and think I should have bought XS. Well, the sun always rises so I can return to H&M another day.

Grey and pink River Island skull print scarf, grey round neck cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, white ruched H&M vest, organic blue TopShop Baxter skinny jeans and pink nubuck Ted Baker ballets.