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Shoes, I always love shoes

The eldest Bolter announced that she wanted a haircut.  The little two joined in.  I dutifully took them to Trotters.  The poor, poor staff.  It turns out they didn’t want haircuts.  They wanted the gold coins you get once you have had your haircut.  The hairdresser was so sweet and palmed them off with gold covered chocolate, while I bought the girls these gorgeous sandals by Pom D’Api.  They remind me of brightly coloured racing cars.  ‘Cos the Bolters really need to move faster [hmmm].  Anyway, these are just so beautiful, and were reduced from £70 to £20.  I bought the pink, blue and orange, then told the other Worn Out ladies, so now some of the other Little Worn Outs have them, too.  Gorgeousness abounds.





As to what I wore, I did that rare (for me) thing, of changing outfits.

Morning outfit: Zara black blouse  |  Primark floral skinnies (a bit faded, now, so I think that’s the end of the line for them)  |  Aldo Dobrus nude flats (they give me Sideshow Bob feet, but I forgive them)  |  Oroton black bag



Afternoon / evening outfit: Zara black blouse  |  H&M black jacquard cropped trousers  |  Office leopard slippers  |  Zara tan leather cross body bag


Wave bye bye to these shoes.  They pinch.  And, (to quote Vito Corleone), that, I do not forgive


So, as I was mincing past Russell & Bromley, again, I bought these really lovely leopard slippers (style is The Club, and they are reduced from £245 to £70.  Bada bing!).  The white background makes them look quite fresh, I think.  They do slightly rub my nanmby pamby little toe, though [rolls eyes]



While I was waiting for the sales assistant to get my size to try on, I fell in love with this Vixen (reduced from £225 to £95).  These are the best tributes to the Valentino Rock studs I’ve seen.  Damn, why don’t I have a job so I could wear these more than once a year?!  Damn, why aren’t I rich so I don’t care that I already have lots of unworn shoes and can just buy more, anyway?!20130821-213955.jpg



I will just wait until the all nude Vixens are on sale, at the end of the season, as they will go with everything, and don’t look quite so “workwear/corporate”.

Russelll & Bromley Vixen

Finally, I am a huge Diana Vreeland fan, and thought her “Why Don’t You?” column clever and amusing, so I am going to suggest Why Don’t You go to the Kensington Wine Rooms on Kensington Church Street and try a glass of their delicious Maury Solera (sweet red wine)?



Cheers, Dianavreeland 3

Skirting around it

Today I took the eldest Bolter out for some one on one time.  That’s what I call it when I go shopping just with her.  Also “quality time”.  We went to, amongst other places, Russell & Bromley, and here’s what we saw:


She loves these flashing horrors, but its a shame that she doesn’t need trainers right now.  But next year we will come back and “hopefully” they will still be there.  Oh, I do hope so [hmm].

In the women’s section, the range is far more to my liking.  Ignoring the look on the sales assistant’s face, we tried on sales shoes together.  None of them are on the website, God only knows why.

Firstly, I am really tempted by these white based (ie as opposed to cream based) leopard print ponyskin slippers which are (because its 2013), also studded.  I have leopard slippers, but these are just that little bit different, no?


My eldest Bolter’s choice of leopard shoes (with her little feet in them).   Quite, umm, flashy: 20130805-224947.jpg

How about snakeskin slippers?  With, of course, some studding.  I would buy them, but I like my snakeskin to be white and grey, not cream and brown:20130805-225134.jpg

Look at these navy suede heels: utterly lovely.  But I can’t think of anywhere to wear them!  Especially as I haven’t taken the tags off the navy heels I bought a couple of years ago.  Or the red satin heels or or or.  Anyway, I put them on to make me (and my colour loving daughter) smile: 20130805-225113.jpg

Moving on to boots…  This winter I hope to find some snakeskin boots, and if these were the right colour combo for me, I would be sold as the heel height and toe shape are great.


Here we have the blue suede version.  They are lovely, but I would destroy them.  And might struggle with the husband singing Elvis at me.


Oh, these gold boots are a WornOut favourite, and I think I will be cantering back to R&B to get them for one or more of the other ladies, now they are reduced from £295 to £125 or so:20130805-225043.jpg

Finally, my quandary pair.  These pale silver/gold ones have me a bit confused.  Do I like them?  I think I almost do.  According to the husband, they would be just the thing to wear to a Star Trek convention, and he was wondering if they came with a ray gun.  Oh, everybody loves a comedian.20130805-225058.jpg

Today’s outfit: Zara dark blue cardigan  |  Zara lace crochet skirt  |  Banana Republic tan sandals (reduced from £60 60 £10 last season.  Their sales are unbeatable!)