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Tartan around

Tartan is everywhere right now.  But we really just want to have a touch of the tartan don’t we?  I mean, this look isn’t the aim, is it?!

Again, this is what too much tartan looks like (outfit owned and worn by the Duke of Windsor).  Sometimes less really is more.

As mentioned in a recent blog post, I bought this Morgan & Oates tartan scarf from a charity shop the other week.  I am delighted with it, although its bigger than Ben Hur, so dominates my outfit.  That’s OK, its so good, I am happy for it to take centre stage.  Here I am wearing it with a Mango sequin fronted jumper, Zara super skinny jeans and Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




And today I wore tartan again: Mango black and grey wool mix jacket  |  Primark black cotton long sleeved top  |  Tartan skirt from a vintage shop in NYC (a long time ago)  |  black opaques and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots





Now, if you fancy a cute tartan shirt, may I point you in the direction of this one from New Look (£18)?  Its nice, but it didn’t work for me (I just don’t suit that sort of shirt for some reason), but its worth showing you in case it works for you.

Real life close up (then my phone died.  Quite annoying)


20130929-211531.jpgWebsite photo:

Red Tartan Check Shirt


Dark romance

I love things that are darkly romantic: so dramatic.  I don’t actually want to live out a big operatic drama, but I like it in my wardrobe.  Its quite fun putting on some black lace and getting in touch with your inner Sicilian widow (she’s in there somewhere, just keep looking).  Assuming a Sicilian widow is blonde and takes her 3 children to the park.

“Oh God, where have they bolted to this time??!”

So, it seems I have quite a range of darkly romantic things to choose from on the high street this Autumn / Winter:

Oasis are doing a floral fancies range, that contains some beautiful looking things, including this ravishing (forgive me, I’ve had wine) winter rose print skirt (£40).  It looks like it would go so well with any of the jewel colours in the print, as well as black.  I think I would wear it with a black polo neck, black tights and oxblood ankle boots (yet to be sourced).  I don’t think its lined, though, which is annoying with tights:

Winter Rose Print Skirt

Maybe its the wine (nice NZ pinot noir) going to my head, but I think the jacket (£65) would also be really useful.  God knows, I couldn’t stop wearing my winter floral scarf last year.

Winter Rose Biker Jacket

Now, obviously I need to include a leather piece or two.  I have been looking for a leather jacket, on and off, for years.  And years.  And these two look like good options, as I don’t fancy another biker jacket.

Collarless quilted leather jacket (£165)

Collarless Quilted Leather Jacket

Cleanline leather jacket (£165)

Cleanline Leather Jacket

Finally, Tracey suggested that this wrap skirt (£75), which might be a good alternative to a standard leather mini skirt:

Leather Mini Wrap Skirt

For those of us who adore velvet (I appreciate some people just loathe it.  Not me, I am like George Castanza in my love of the stuff!), Massimo Dutti are doing a beautiful burgundy velvet blazer (£125).  As an aside, the AW collection from Massimo Dutti looks superb.  My post “summer holiday survival” treat is coming from there:

Finally, aren’t these Alexander McQueen floral De Manta clutches exquisite (about £315)?  Damn, why don’t I go out more, so that the cost per wear wouldn’t be so hideous??

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Oversize Floral Printed Silk De Manta Clutch

This Sicilian widow wore: Planet black lace top  |  Mango Kate skinny jeans  |  Sam Edelman Adena slippers.




Sales Buys


Pink neon cashmere jumper from J Crew
(with a special 40% off) The minute the yellow goes on sale it is mine!

Marc by Marc Jacobs phone holder
and matching make up bag (think that’s enough Marc by Marc Jacobs for a while. Apart from maybe a small neon bag)

Chinti and Parker grey intarsia cashmere jumper


Some people think there is no point buying from High Street sales. I’m not one of them. The Zara sale started at midnight on Thursday. I ordered loads and am returning loads. Everything I am keeping is pretty staid but will be worn a lot – that is after all what makes it a bargain, non?

Very simple and not the greatest of reductions but I have tried this bib fronted shirt several times in store and think I will turn to it often with skinnies and flats.

Lovely drape fronted trousers and the zip on the cuff means they can be worn as easily with flip flops as with black heels for the evening (or with these lovely Bertie Moirans!)

I have had this top in my possession three times before and each time I have reasoned that it is very pretty but would snag quickly in my life. With a tenner off I decided to buy it again. I will wear it simply with jeans and flats and am pleased with the fit and colour under my old snakeprint jacket which I often wear when I (rarely!) go out.

Again, not the most exciting of purchases but my old leopard print shirts are too small and too big so I needed a new one and this is very simple and easy to wear. I can’t find it on line but it was about £12.

This tshirt looks nothing on line but it is a flattering fit and will dress down some of my smarter pyjama style trousers nicely.

The Outnet

I mentioned some of the great deals they had on sunglasses last week. The pairs I ordered have all gone back. You can’t tell it by looking at me but I have a very small head and they all fell off. Some of them were great shades though and I hope someone got and loves a pair.

While I was going through the returns form I thought it would be rude not to have a peak at what else they had on offer. I have been looking for these Sam Edelman Harpers in the snakeprint ever since I had them, returned them & regretted it last year. They’ve been on the Outnet for ages but in small sizes. I finally decided to go for the zebra instead and I liked them (you may want to consider sizing down if you are a half size) until I opened my ASOS order and found shoes that made my heart leap.



These are they – River Island Sachas. I realise they won’t be making many hearts leapt but how I love them. Under half the price of the Harpers, so soft and easy to wear.
I am having a big internal fight to return the similar Bertie Moirans.

The H by Hudson Horrigans I ordered go back. I’ve wanted them all year and when I finally took delivery I didn’t even need to try them on to know they’re not for me. I have form buying winter gear too early anyway (though when is too early in the UK?!) and am pleased not to have fallen into that trap this time.

I have a funeral to go to next week and all of my suits are long given away (to the brilliant Dress for Success) I ordered a few black dresses from ASOS which were all disappointing. I think I may just borrow something from one of my sisters on this occasion.

I would have made some decent purchases from Topshop and Mango too (thank you Joanna!) but their websites let you shop but not check out. Such a waste of time. Hey ho.

For me one of the best signs that something really was a good buy is me wanting to wear it immediately. I was very happy to go out (to the park!) in some of my new gear (though not so happy that I need pretty thick cashmere in June!!) So happy I am double chin smiling at the mirror!

What Have I Bought For Me Lately?

A little like Janet Jackson’s “What Have You Done For Me Lately”, but a slightly different focus.  After being quite restrained for the last few months, the sales have begun and many of the items that I put on my Wish List have been reduced.  Or were in danger of being sold out, so I pounced anyway.  Here’s what I have bought for me lately:

  • Aldo Dobrus flats (£50)

Eve has these in the black, but I just bought Sam Edelman Adenas in black, so didn’t feel I could justify both.  So, I went for the nude colour.  A lovely shade they are, too, with a great shape.  I am between sizes at Aldo, annoyingly.  So I did have to size up to 40, and then put in an insole.  Just what wouldn’t these go with?!

  • Gap cowl neck dress (£30 down to £20)

I actually need this in a S, but its sold out, so could only get the XS.  This size is a bit tight round my apple shaped middle, so not sure if I will keep it, but am including it as its lovely and I did buy it.

  • Zara floral crystal necklace (£23)

Just in case you didn’t see it enough in my recent blog post…

  • Zara turquoise bib necklace (£20)

I think this will work with both black and navy, making it an All Rounder.

  • Zara bejewelled earrings (£10)

Not sure if I have blogged these yet?  They are gorgeous, but so heavy that I will have to convert them from pierced to clip on earrings.  On my list of things to do, so they glimmer at me, waiting to be worn.

  • Warehouse military trousers (£36 down to £20)

I wanted skinny cargoes, but couldn’t get happy with the pockets on the legs.  These are, instead, perfect for me.  And now only £20.  They are true to size – I need a size 10.

Skinny Military Trouser

  • French Connection blue top (£20)

I bought this on a day I was feeling tense and frustrated.  Bad idea.  Its not a great top – too long for me.  Live and learn, Ms Buy in Haste, Repent at Leisure…

  • Sam Edelman Adenas (£99, but on Brand Alley for £56!!)

Fierce and fabulously comfortable – an unusual combination…


  • Massimo Dutti strappy heels (£80 down to £56)

After wishing for these for a few months, I have also ordered these pretty things.  And I have something fun and lovely (waves to Chumps) to wear them to in a couple of weeks, too!

  • Coccinelle Queency (£185 down to £129)

Last but NOT least…!  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this bag to go on sale, and when it had a decent reduction, It arrived the other day and is gorgeous!!  I will eventually have the strap shortened so I can wear it as a shoulder bag, but while I still have to chase The Bolters, a cross body bag is probably a better idea.



Oooh, I just checked and it has sold out, so I am glad I did’t dither.  I would have been really upset if my game of Sales Chicken backfired on me.  You know, where you try and work out whether you can wait for a further reduction, or risk it being sold out.  Not a risk I could taken for my Beloved Red Bag!

Apart from some shoes for The Bolters, I think that is me DONE for quite a while.  I think.

Trying harder

So today I tried harder and felt happier in my clothes. I also went shopping which almost always makes me happy.
20130530-154904.jpg Zara snake print maxi skirt, Zara grey linen long sleeve tee, with H&M beige lace neck vest underneath, Sam Edelman Frankie, old snake print scarf, Mint Velvet leather jacket, Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha bag (thanks for the name Suzanne!)

I bought a few things.
20130530-162153.jpgThis is the happiest spending £7.99 has probably ever made me! Thanks H&M!

20130530-161302.jpgThe first of today’s odd poses! I tried the blue snake version of this before but it did me no favours. I like this much more. Again, it is from H&M.

20130530-160850.jpgThis bag was less than £10. Watermelon reminds me of Italy in summer which always makes me happy so it has come home with me.

20130530-162430.jpgThese black Dobrus flats from Aldo are simple but comfy. My sister had a pair years ago from Poste Mistress and they looked great with jeans. I hope these will too seeing as my sandals are getting so little wear.

20130530-171107.jpgI got these pale blue harems in Zara (though they describe them as palazzo trousers) I plan to wear them with a grey tshirt and silver sandals.

And finally the reason I’m really happy! 20130530-162548.jpgMy photo isn’t doing this beautiful Zara coat justice at all. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it so I will make sure I get a better photo next time.

I’m off to smile at my final purchase – La Bambina’s first tutu!

P.s (You can’t see my tongue but it is in my cheek)