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Boot cuts

I have a vision in my mind of what I want to look like. A memory even.

A floaty creamy white top perhaps with some embroidery, a clog style wedge, a long necklace and boot cut jeans. The jeans would be tight on the thighs, not too tight on the tummy and have a noticeable flare at the ankle.

I once had this outfit but children and eBay have parted us (no, I’m no longer a size 6)

I have the shoes. I won’t know which ones are perfect until I can try them both (one pair of them are currently MIA) but either my Swedish Hasbeens or higher Sam Edelman Warners will be right I’m sure.
20130517-121444.jpg I bought this top in Zara a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the jeans to wear it again. I also tried a white shirt on in New Look yesterday which might work. It’s so rare that I find a shirt that does up I was quite excited and for £12 I couldn’t resist. (I am still looking for something creamy and more smock like though)

So, the jeans. Beths and Evas. Special names.
20130517-115308.jpg Hudson Beths
20130517-115424.jpg Oasis Evas

The Beths are far softer than the Evas. I made a mistake again – Hudson sizing is crazy! I wear a 27 in them when in real life I’m a 12 / Zara L. I forgot and ordered a 29 which were gaping at the back already. They are a more relaxed fit than the Evas and would be forgiving on larger thighs I’d think. They’re also longer. More of a relaxed flip flop jean perhaps.

The Oasis Evas are over half the price of the Beths (even though I got the Beths with 50% off from House of Fraser) They are more structured, a higher rise though still not high rise but more mid rise which is flattering but comfortable on a big belly like mine. They don’t have the back pocket details like the Beths (which is a good thing for me) and have a crease down the front which I love.

I’ve taken crap photos. There is no proper natural light (it’s so grey today), I have a cold and four new cold sores to add to my extensive collection. I am not in the mood for trying on clothes. I promise to take better photos in days to come.
20130517-123710.jpg Me in the Oasis Evas, Sam Edelman Warners and Zara top

20130517-123813.jpg A very unflattering photo of me in the Hudson Beths and a vest.

These photos really are dire, I’m sorry. If you’re considering either and have any questions please do ask.


I’m not sure if this picture manages to capture just what a flap I was in when I took it.  10 minutes before I am meant to be at a childrens’ birthday party and I couldn’t find the scarf I wanted and I couldn’t do the buttons up on the back of this beautiful new top that Eve WornOut gave me yesterday (grazie, grazie, grazie – I love it!!!)…

I was rushing around like an utter nutter, in a total flap.  I was actually so late I had to grab my eldest’s scooter and manically scoot to the party, with the birthday presents wildly swinging from the handle bar.  It was not good.  When I got to the party, I then had to console one of the littlest blossoms who had bumped her head while my friend buttoned the back of the blouse up.  I fear I lack grace.


Anyway, the party was incredible and the girls loved it and fell asleep on the way home, with chocolate all around their mouths.  So here I am, enjoying the silence.

New Look leather biker

Zara oriental bird print scarf


New TopShop lace blouse c/o Eve WornOut xxx

Details, details


Gap tan ballets

Now, this good weather has got me thinking of summer sandals, and I have fallen for these Sam Edelman Sophie wedge sandals (£155) – what do you think? They are quite a bold choice for Ms Staid, here…

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside


After a few days of post holiday running around we spent a few days with family by the seaside. Not quite the sunny weather and beautiful blue seas from last week but hey. And a belated Easter Egg Hunt for le bambine too.


Very old ripped jeans, navy vest under navy ASOS draped blouse (I have the black and cream too), black studded Sam Edelman Frankies.


Zara star jeans (I thought I’d packed my Hudsons instead), All Saints cotton Nep draped jumper, Gap scarf from last SS (random odd pose is nothing to do with outfit)


Primark embellished pocket ripped jeans, H&M grey sweatshirt over Uniqlo Heattech

Hope everyone has a happy end of Easter holiday weekend!

Tribute to Simone

I spoke too soon about the Sun. It came and disappeared as quickly as the weekend so please accept my apologies for daring to mention brighter days ahead.

Today I have decided to pay a little tribute to the Simone suede shoe boots from Sam Edelman. I am a shoe fiend, buying when and where I find a pair that comfortably, reasonably, errrrr make that simply fit but, oh my, they are just perfect.

They have been worn out literally with everything from dresses, skirts (both maxi and mini), cropped trousers, long trousers, jeans and even a jumpsuit (still have one or two of them lingering in the wardrobe).

I like the fact that they are not only very comfortable and versatile but have a mid heel to tolerate my heavy walking. Don’t you find the bigger the shoe size the higher the heel or is that just me? The suede is oh so soft and easy to keep clean. How could I forget their name last week as there was deep discussion amongst us worn out women on purchasing them a couple of years ago?

So with the opaques and the layers of thermals back on too I am wearing the shoe boots with a very old Gerard Darel via Ma Boutique grey wool shift dress in the office. No link as so old. I will quickly swap into the LK Bennett Una for meetings today and remove the scarf.

Simone is soon to be joined by her little sister Salina
Great news that they too are available in a size US 11 (UK 9). I know they will fit. A quick and happy shoe purchase will be made before the end of the dreary outlook for this week.

Anyone for a heavily discounted size 8?

Simone suede shoe boot by Sam Edelman
Salina suede shoe boot by Sam Edelman. There are many versions of this style of shoe boot. I like the heel on the Jigsaw version, the sizing is not so generous.
Gerard Darel Grey wool shift dress
DVF Scarf






No Opaque Friday

That’s right. You saw it here first. No opaques today. Yeeeeeee-ha hippy hi hum, Summer here we come.

I am that person you see at the train station wearing a woolly hat and scarf in what we deem to be warmer months, May, June and yes I admit to stretching winter woollies into July.

I just don’t do cold and the outside temperature must be 30c plus (for me) to feel warm but today does not require the warm and trusted opaques.

I have been searching for this coat in my size for ages. I found my normal size in the sale just after the New Year but it was way too big. Told you Gerard Darel is a generous fit. Anyway, arriving home last night to find a delivery, no red roses for me but the GD in my size, all wrapped up for V day!

Gerard Darel Military coat

Joseph Cashair cobalt blue jumper with an American Vintage Navy vest worn underneath – the Jumper is quite sheer.

Joseph Cashmere pink scarf (very old), similar here.

Joseph Rocker boot cut trouser in Navy (part of a suit)

LK Bennett Una Leopard print heels, high but oh so comfortable.

Sam Edelman black suede shoeboots, worn on the walk to work. I swapped to the LKB Unas in the office. Lovely shoeboots by the way. Can’t remember the name, help me oh fellow readers, but the Sam Edelman Salinas are very similar.

Bag is the luxurious Symthson Cooper Tote Tote.

Have a great weekend, the Sun might be out tomorrow.