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I am a real lady about town.  Ooh, yes.  This morning, while the Bolters were at nursery, I had a lovely coffee with my husband and then dashed to Selfridges to get a silver christening gift engraved.  I must say, Timpsons do the engraving at Selfridges and, having used them a couple of times, their staff are just lovely: helpful, kind and informed.  On the way back to nursery, I had just enough time for a quick look through a local charity shop.  And I am glad I did!


Selfridges on a sunny day

Charity shopping is such a hit and miss affair.  For every visit that I find something, there are numerous visits when I walk out, empty handed, thinking “oh dear me, that really wasn’t good”.  But I seem to be on a lucky streak lately, so I found two sweet, lacy summery things.

First, this simple, unassuming embroidered white camisole that will work nicely over a white vest and with some distressed denim.




Pretty tops all in a row

Secondly, I have heard a lot about Maje, but never actually tried anything from the brand on.  Now I have, and now I own this lovely grey silk and white lace Maje dress.


Although I think it would work better on me if its a bit shorter, as per the way I have stylishly hoisted the hem up below.  I think I have a frame (small but curvy) that means I can’t wear things that lack shape if they are too long or too big.  But then, I also bend over when attending to and chasing the Bolters, so my dresses and skirts can’t be too short.  Its a fine line.



Details, details…

Today’s outfit: Mango black vest, Forever 21 necklace, Mango black lace skirt, Australian brand sandals, Coccinelle red Queency bag.  And Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in Rose Poudre – buy some nail polish from this range if you like your nail polish to last all week.



Finally, last night my husband played me this clip of Steve Kardynal singing Call Me Maybe, while recording people’s responses on Chat Roulette (never heard of it, but apparently the kids these days love Chat Roulette), and I was both charmed and amused – just try not to smile or laugh while watching!  I have watched it about 6 times today.  OK, just one more time then I will wake the littlest Bolters from their nap…

WornOut ladies’ lunch

Despite speaking to the other WornOut ladies every day, it’s not often that we can actually meet up on person. But… today we did!! I had the loveliest time – we talked, laughed, gossiped, laughed, ate, laughed, drank, laughed…. The venue was Aubaine at Selfridges – the perfect venue for us (delicious food, lovely decor and the location? Right in the middle of the shoe department).

Outfit: Zara cobalt blue blazer, Zara alpine/folk embroidery patterned blouse, New Look coated skinnies and H&M black mid heels.

As I didn’t know what to do with it, I have tied my black floral print silk scarf to my handbag.  Its a new purchase from my favourite charity shop: a black floral print silk scarf. It brought to mind some of the Russian folk art patterns I have seen. You may now call me Ulyana Sergeenko (a Russian fashion designer who champions traditional Russian prints and styles, with a twist).





coated skinnies

mid heels






the exquisite Ulyana.  I’m not sure how much high street she wears, though, given that her husband is an oligarch.  That probably comes in quite handy.


20130427-201504.jpgRussian folk art


White on

The WornOut ladies are fab, and we often share clothes around.  I was the recipient of this great, off-white trench from Rachel WornOut a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for some good weather so that I can actually wear it!

Outfit is: Gap off-white trench (clearly in need of an iron – sorry!), Lily & Lionel scarf (copying Tracey, only mine also needs an iron, and I am going to try and stiffen it up with some starch, as I read somewhere that this is a good trick for floppy scarves), TopShop Baxter jeans, London Rebel silver ballets, Gap green leather bag.


Since my husband volunteered to look after the girls by himself, I ran off to Oxford Street before he had time to re-consider.  First stop, Dorothy Perkins.  Yet again.  Not somewhere I used to go to at all, but I have been really pleased with their summer cotton offerings.

I bought this darling cotton and lace shell top (£22).  The review given said its thin (yes, white cotton often is) and should be thicker for the money (umm, its £22 and cotton, that’s a good deal in my book!).  I bought the size 10 and couldn’t have sized down as its fairly fitted across the bust.  Charming top, in a flattering shape; I can see me wearing it quite often in the warm weather.



Good Lord, my bosoms are looming up at you, sorry!!!  I just wanted to show you the lace detail.  Reader, beware!  Here is the DP website photo:

White lace insert shell top

Now, this dress (£32) I just umm and ahh over.  I bought it in the white, but saw that DP also do it in a pretty buttery yellow, so thought I’d try it yet again, before I decide whether to return it or not.  Its a lovely dress, but I am really not sure that its the best shape for me.  Anyway, if the shape is a good one for you, I do recommend it.


After my quick spot of shopping, I went for a wander through the nearby Wallace Collection, in Manchester Square, just north of the Bond St station (and also north of Selfridges!).  One of my favourite places in London.

Essentially, its the former private collection of the illegitimate son (Richard Wallace, whom the collection is named after) of the last Marquess of Hertford, and the museum is housed in what was their London home (Hertford House).  The house is gradually being refurbished to how it was (very decadent furnishings), and much of the collection is French art.

The little gold boxes (often used to store snuff) are precious little treasures: eye candy.




I must admit that the Sèvres porcelain doesn’t move me, but if its your cup of tea (oh ho ho), the Wallace Collection has the finest museum collection of Sèvres porcelain in the world.


Flirty little minx below giving the boys a peep up her dress.


I couldn’t stay away from the shops for long, so I went back to Selfridges, where they are having a carnival and were giving out fairy floss in the shoe department.  Sugar + shoes = heaven.


Happy days

It’s cold, damp and grey here today but two things have happened in the last hour that have immeasurably improved my mood. First the postman brought me these Sam Edelman Adenas

Oh I love them, thanks so much to Gina for last weeks post which inspired their purchase!

My day started with a quick trip to the shops post school run. I had noticed the Christmas wrapping paper creep in about a month ago, and last week I was handed a catalogue for M&S Christmas food. I know retailers are desperate at the moment but it’s only October. Grrr. Anyhow this morning there were fully decorated Christmas trees in the entrance to Marks and Spencer and that really made me so cross. So I was feeling very ‘Bah, Humbug’ when I came home and opened my emails only to receive a Christmas video from Selfridges. On the 19th of October!!

However, I watched it, and it was fab and it was made by Bruce Weber and reminded me of the video of ‘Being Boring’ that he made for the Pet Shop Boys which I absolutely adored. I just looked it up and I was 21 when it was released, a student in Trinity College, Dublin and having the time of my life. I remember recording this from the tv and watching it over and over, it was so impossibly glamorous and romantic. Happy days. Thanks for the memories Selfridges!

Watch the video here, I hope it makes you smile

Up On The Roof

So, yesterday I met some of my AllWornOut pals at the Daylesford Organics cafe on the on the roof of Selfridges, Oxford St for a long lunch in the shade. Since I moved from London to Wales, I always feel a little Country Mouse Goes To Town on my trips to the big city, especially after two hours on the train, when I am creased beyond belief, and covered in newsprint and crumbs. Add to that the fact that temperatures on the Underground this weekend reached about 4000 degrees, and I was surprised I wasn’t met at the door with a “Madam, the British Home Stores cafe is thatta way!”.
The fine weather caught me out, as I was planning on wearing a dress and blazer, but fortunately a quick trip to Topshop on Friday had resulted in the khaki jersey maxi skirt, plus a pair of studded black glads I spotted loitering on the sale rack.

We talked blog business, boys and the Great British Bake Off, then rounded the day off with a trip to Zara. An afternoon well spent.