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Mmmm, chocolate

Chocolate brown is one if my favourite neutrals, I particularly love it in combination with navy and also charcoal.

So that’s what I’m wearing today. Yesterday I made myself this fur gilet. It was a bit of a leap of faith, I didn’t have a pattern, so just took a deep breath and cut. It worked out though and is so yummily soft I can’t see myself taking it off any time soon!

I’m wearing it with a cashmere A-line skirt from a few winters ago and a charcoal cashmere jumper. The ankle boots are Nicole Farhi, the same as my black ones. I literally battled a blizzard two Christmases ago to get my black boots in the sale, but the brown were a much more relaxed purchase from Shoeaholics who sell at amazing discounts. The necklace is my version of a Shourouk, made from a vintage brooch bought on Etsy and some silk cord which arrived in the post this morning. The Mulberry Bayswater is also vintage at this stage but improving with age (Sarah do you recognize it?!).



I’ve got the ebay fever

Seriously I have.  Its my new addiction thankfully for selling rather than buying.  I keep going through my wardrobe looking for more stuff to sell and am checking my selling page about every half an hour and getting ridiculously excited at every new bid.  The Lily &Lionel Asher blue scarf will be mine sooon.  And how nice will it look with my mini Gracie?

Today am wearing River Island skinnies,  Jigsaw broderie top, Shourouk necklace and mini-Gracie which I’ve doubled the straps over to get it to be a better length on me.