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Short story

This is a short story. It began with a dress, but it was too short to sit down at a picnic in. So it ended in shorter shorts. For strangely enough, sometimes that’s the more covering option.

Dress outfit: ASOS ikat dress | ASOS orange belt | Gap leather pewter flip flops

Shorts outfit: Dorothy Perkins lace detail cotton top | Mango black cotton shorts | Aldo gold leather sandals | Coccinelle red Queency bag. And lots of moisturiser mixed with St Tropez Gradual Tan in medium / dark




Long and short

Outfit: Massimo Dutti embroidered white cotton blouse (old) (“the long”), Mango black cotton shorts (old) (“the short”), Aldo gold leather sandals (old) and Coccinelle Queency bag (new-ish but sold out). So, that’s the long and the short of it. Boom tish.




Before I start my day, I thought I’d mention that the St Tropez Gradual Tan (on sale at Boots) in medium/dark is very good when mixed with an equal measure of moisturiser. No streaking, good subtle colour, limited fake tan smell.

Gradual Tan Everyday Body 200ml medium/dark: Amazon.co.uk: Beauty


“What would Elizabeth Taylor do?”. It’s a new question I have been asking myself lately, especially this morning, being the start of potty training my eldest.

Ignoring the fact that I really don’t think she potty trained anyone, I know Elizabeth Taylor would have brought out her biggest, sparkliest jewels to get her through her such a time. This is a woman who apparently went swimming in her ruby tiara, after all, so according to her most days call for statement jewellery. And probably certain days call for the Big Pieces.

So, this morning I put on my new Zara necklace. Not quite Cartier, Bulgari et al. But baby sure is big and sure does sparkle! Cheering me immensely! Fingers crossed we nail this potty training fast, but if we don’t, I intend on bedazzling myself through it!

And speaking of blinding whiteness, I have now put on some new St Tropez fake tan that I will report back on. Despite Daily Mail assuring us that Peppa Middleton is Her Royal hotness, I remain unconvinced so am hoping I don’t end up a deep shade of mahogany. Hmmm, probably worrying over nothing looking at these arctic white legs…

Zara necklace, deep purple (another nod to Elizabeth) H&M (err, maybe not) vest, white Zara shorts and Aldo Sprouls sandals (mine are gold, but sold out.  You can see the other colours here).