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Brocade & starry denim

Did I tell you that I like stars?  I like jeans too so was very pleased to see my favourite pattern make its way onto denim a few seasons ago.  I tried the Current/Elliot star jeans and the J Brand ones too when they came out but being pregnant I couldn’t check the fit properly and ended up returning them. Tracey has a pair of the J Brands she looked great in this summer which made me want some even more.  So I was very pleased today when I spotted some on the High Street (well, in Westfield)  These Zara jeans are quite a dark denim and will do nicely for winter at a fraction of the premium denim price.  The stars are a velvet material.  If you are ordering on line it might be worth bearing in mind that I had to size up and they are still very “fitted”.

I have been lusting after these Zara brocade trousers for a while.  I saw them on line and made a mental note to try on next time I was passing a Zara (as if I ever pass by a Zara)  I of course forgot my mental note but shopping with my keen eyed dad yesterday he spotted them and said they looked like me (well, not like me but you know what I mean)  I am usually more extreme in my trouser choice – skin tight or harem baggy – but there is something about these trousers that I love.  I am a big fan of roll necks (more on them soon) and plan to wear my brocades with a black roll neck and pointed heels.

Brocade in detail

Today for shopping I wore Baukjen Gemma boxy jumper in olive, Zara waxed jeans in olive (I can’t find them on line but highly recommend), and old Zara leopard print loafer slippers.

Finally, demonstrating the dangers of allowing my kid to have a say in what I wear, here I am (wildly over-) dressed for Parents’ Evening a few nights ago.  Sequins(Mango), leather (Zara), snakeprint (Zara again), heels (Ash)




Marmite loafers

Christian Louboutin Rollerboy loafers

I love these leopard print pony loafers but realise that they are the Marmite of shoes.  WIT, one of the bloggers I follow, has this beautiful studded Christian Louboutin pair and they provoke pretty extreme reactions for a piece of footwear.  Mine are from Zara a few years ago.

Today I am wearing them with a new Cos round hem green jumper, Zara ripped jeans and my Whistles green and blush star scarf.

Cos round hem olive top

The ripped jeans I usually wear are years old and there is no label to tell me where they were from.  This new pair I am wearing today are from Zara and though they’re not as perfect as my others, they are pretty good and I’d recommend if you are looking for similar.  These are nice too but unusually for Zara the sizing is on the large side.