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Old (for) school

Despite being too old for school (well, unless I went back as an, erm, mature age student), today I went out looking a bit school boyish. But I’m a rebel school boy, as my jeans are ripped and patched. Oh, you wild child, you.

I met up with my sister this morning and part of our conversation about how we dress differently for when we are with our children, depending on their ages and what we will doing, included me saying “So, I wouldn’t wear this sort of outfit to the park, for example. It’s a bit formal and the shirt is a bit restricting for lots of clambering about.” Naturally, the weather was relatively mild, so I did, indeed, go to the park with the littlest Bolters. Ever say one thing to then find yourself doing exactly the opposite?

Outfit: Uniqlo grey wool flannel blazer | Gap grey merino V neck jumper | Zara white cotton tuxedo shirt | Uniqlo Heattech camisole (I now buy size M for the extra length, v’s the S) | Only patched jeans (def should have bought 27, not 28. Tumble drier about to be used) | Marks & Spencer pewter ankle boots | Tie Rack purple wool men’s scarf



Snow leopard

We headed out this afternoon for afternoon cake, fruit salad and juice at Pret.  Instead of reaching for my North Face coat, my inner Cruella de Ville took over, and out came the leopard coat.  My eldest was delighted, stroking my coat, cooing how “pretty it is, Mummy, so pretty”.  Its actually quite a warm coat, so quite a sensible choice for a short walk through the snowy streets.




Tie Rack ivory wool pashmina

cream Tie Rack wool pashmina



TopShop Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

TopShop leopard coat (try eBay if you want one)

SUPER STRETCH SKINNY JEANS - Jeans - Woman - ZARA 4806/233

Zara super stretch skinny jeans

Office CROC PRINT WELLY 2 - style no: 171751499

Office croc print wellies (reduced to £10, but only relevant if you are a size 3)

Am muttering this last bit quietly, as talking about cashmere / wool socks is hardly exciting, but these ones have served me well lately, and at £13 for 2 pairs, I think that’s a great deal.  Cashmere for softness and extra warmth (40%), wool for durability (48%) and polyamide for, I don’t know, elasticity? (12%).

2 Pairs Cashmere Wool Socks 60% Cashmere Size 2.5 - 11 EU 35-46 | eBay

Right, am off for another liqueur.  Night, night, reader.