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A little summer updating

The clothes that I have from last summer are, really, still all I want to wear, except that I (convinced myself?) that I needed a couple of new things to update my summer wardrobe.  I don’t spend much on summer clothes as, well, you don’t really need to, and I don’t get as much wear out of them as I do my winter clothes.  So… here are my budget buys, and a couple of planned purchases:

1. ASOS | Five Star Leather Flat Sandals in tan | £11 (told you!)


This is what they look like on me:

These cheapies are mostly sold out, but ASOS have numerous other tan sandals, including these ALDO | Bellia tan thongs | £50 (I have a gold version from a past season and have lived in them for the past few summers):


Very on trend for this season are these NEW LOOK | Hippie Tan Fringed Flat Sandals | £28:


Finally, if you are on a tight budget and like the minimal sandal look, there are the ASOS | Fated leather sandals | £16:


2. MANGO | Scuba Pelmit Skirt in black | 63% Polyester, 33% Viscose, 4% Elastane | £9 (was £29)

I tried, and returned, a similar J Crew skirt last year, as it was too flared.  When I saw this, I thought I’d try that style of skirt again.  Its a keeper.  Flared, but not too flared, and its £9, so if I wear it twice a year, that’s fine.  I’m a size 8-10, but ordered and kept the size 38 (10) as I didn’t want it tight around my middle.


This is what it looks like on me, sans fake tan!:

As for what I plan on buying, well I have a slim / skinny (not super skinny) white jeans hole in my wardrobe, as my old TopShop Baxters wore out.  I tried some on a Zara, but the cut didn’t work for me.  My dear friend Tracey tells me that the TopShop Baxter jeans are good (aka made of thick denim and cut well) again this year, so I plan to try them, again, soon.

3.  TOPSHOP | Baxter jeans in white | £40:

This image looks quite promising, I think, and pretty much just what I had in mind.  I used to have the 32 inch length, but think I will go and do some trying on, including of the 30 inch length, as I fancy a cropped length.

As to what I am buying to wear until it actually gets warm enough to wear summer clothes…

4.  MASSIMO DUTTI | Leather leggings | £265

I have been quite restrained over the last month, as I am saving myself for these beauties.  I am just hoping against hope that they don’t stretch out of shape, as I like the cut, just the way they are.  Unlike many leather leggings I had looked at, these don’t have an elastic waistband (I approach them with caution) and seem cut for my slightly apple-like shape:


Here’s how they look on me (in size 10):

"Mmm, not exactly workwear, but did you know @massimodutti made such amazing #leather #trousers? I didn't." Photo taken by @theworkwearedit on Instagram, pinned via the InstaPin iOS App! http://www.instapinapp.com (03/04/2015)


Have a fantastic day!

Scruff and polish

I am a magpie and swoop on anything shiny.  Yet, despite its blingy buttons, I don’t wear this coat very often.  I really love the buttons and the gorgeously vibrant colour, and think the shape is quite nice.  Yet I hardly wear it, because its a fairly light wool coat and there are only a handful of days when its not too cold or not too hot.  Its a Goldilocks coat – only for when the weather is just right.  Like today.

And where did I take my Goldilocks coat?  Well, today was an inset day at the both the Bolters’ school and nursery (mercy me!), so we went to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington.  Going on a Monday morning during school term is the best time, Reader – we were actually able to stroll past T-Rex, rather than get carried along in a tightly jammed crowd of people.  It was very nice.  All the displays I’ve seen are really very interesting and entertaining, and the Museum building itself is very beautiful.  Another big drawcard for me, too, if I’m being honest, is Benugo’s (they do the catering) orange and almond flourless slice.  Delicious.

Anyway, outfit is: Dorothy Perkins fuschia wool coat (polish)  |  black thermal top  |  TopShop Baxter ripped skinnies (scruff)  |  Marks & Spencer Autograph pewter ankle boots (I can’t stop wearing them)





Product Image

Big shirts

Out shopping yesterday, this is what I wore: Zara brown velvet blazer (probably its last outing as it stays permanently creased at the button, like you see below)  |  Zara cream shirt  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Gap tan leather ballets


After dithering a bit, I bought this big shirt (New Look khaki roll sleeved shirt £20, and size down.  I bought an 8) which is a bit of a different style for me.  Unlike other khakis, this one is more grey / green, so looks better than the commonly found yellowy olive khaki.  I plan to wear the shirt with skinny bottoms, pretty much like you see here.


Sweet pocket detail, don’t you think?20131003-141422.jpg

See?  its big20131003-141431.jpg

Coincidentally, today I am also wearing a big shirt.  Outfit:  H&M denim shirt  |  Zara sparkly necklace  |  TopShop pleather leggings (these are almost the bomb – too high waisted and tight around my tum tum, so this Humpty Dumpty is going to have them altered)  |  Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats20131003-141441.jpg

Idris!, how did you get here?  Oh, I see you are wearing a big shirt, too.  Yes, that’s why you are included in this post.  We would never demean you by leering at you for no reason.20131003-141450.jpg

The Great Pretenders

I’ve been trying to be a little more creative, a little more interesting, a little more individual in how I dress.  Aren’t we all?!  And yet, I’m finding it really hard to do.  Finite amounts of time and money really limit how individual one can be.

For instance, I don’t want to buy Acne Pistols: they are everywhere.  But what other boot has that great angle to the heel?  The high, but not too high heel?  The lovely shaped toe?  The narrow ankle opening?  The beautiful colour options?  No wonder the High Street then shamelessly copies them, and we all flock to buy them or the high street, err, “tributes”.

Another example.  The Acne Star boots.  They are £400.  Ridiculous.  But look at the styling – aren’t they great?!  The heel is actually too high for comfort, but the angles and shaping are lovely.  Making a fairly practical every day ankle boot look elegant: that takes some doing.

Black Matte Finish Star Ankle Boots by Acne

No wonder I bought the TopShop Anarchy version:

TopShop Anarchy boots (also available in tan)

Similarly, I have wanted a leather jacket for a while; something slightly different from a standard biker.  Especially as I already have a wool one.  So, you can imagine my utter delight when I saw that Mango are doing another “tribute” to Rick Owens’ biker.  I don’t really want a copy cat jacket, as I wanted something a little more unique.  But LOOK AT IT!  Its just so gorgeous.  But at £1320, its not for me.

Rick Owens | Blister washed-leather biker jacket | NET-A-PORTER.COM

So, is it any wonder I ordered the Mango version for £170, last night?

Maxi flap leather jacket

And here I am, in the Great Pretenders: Mango maxi flap jacket (this is a M and I have ordered S to get the snug fit that the ribbed panels allow)  |  Denim pencil skirt and opaques  |  TopShop Anarchy boots


20130923-203848.jpgAnd underneath it, my new bling, from Zara: I really am struggling to move away from the herd.


Mind you, I did manage to find this utterly beautiful tartan blanket sized scarf the other week.  Its not, of itself, a terribly individual item, but it is an English brand that I’ve not heard of before, so its a step in the right direction.



TopShop lovelies

Eve has reminded me that when I went to TopShop on Friday, I also saw some rather lovely jewellery, and also a lovely brocade coat, so here we go.

Overall, the jewellery (which is all from the Premium range) is relatively lightweight, but the stones and the colours and the details are really great and make them very good value for money, I think.

Premium Teardrop Stone Earrings (£30)20130811-203241.jpg

Premium Rhinestone Flower Drop Earrings (£30)20130811-203248.jpg

Premium Rhinestone Thread Earrings (£28)20130811-203255.jpg

Premium Crystal Spike Earrings (£30)20130811-203302.jpg

These ones aren’t online, but are quite pretty (albeit in a different style to the other, more modern styles)20130811-203314.jpg

Premium Rhinestone Flower Spike Earrings (£28)20130811-203322.jpg

Premium Stone Flower Necklace (£65)20130811-203330.jpg

Premium Silver Look Neon Necklace (£70)20130811-203336.jpg

Premium Rhinestone Flower Spike Necklace (£28)20130811-203344.jpg

I often try to decide between a navy or a black coat.  This coat is both navy and black.  Clever!  The shape is quite full, so I am not sure it really works on me, but its quite lovely and is £75, so an elegant, affordable option.



Jacquard Clean Boyfriend Coat - Jackets & Coats  - Clothing

God help me, my wishlist for the coming months is starting to balloon out of control!