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Snow bunny

To paraphrase that great crooner, Dean Martin: “You’re snow bunny ’til some bunny loves you, you’re snow bunny ’til some bunny cares…”.  And actually you’re no snow bunny until you have a great winter coat.  And I’ve found mine!

Walking through Zara, and there it was.  I tried it on, and I love it.  I need at least a M, but I might order L, in order to wear more than just a thin blouse under it.  This puffer jacket (£109) is much more elegant than the ones Zara did last winter, as it doesn’t have all that cheap looking gold hardware or those fiddly belts.  The colour is a pale silvery grey (admittedly I don’t know how water resistant it is, so I might still need to keep my old North Face for those really wet days), but it looks lovely and is warm (fleece lined and filled with 20% feathers and 80% down).  Coming to my rabbit warren very soon…





Image 7 of PUFFER JACKET WITH HOOD from Zara

Image 6 of PUFFER JACKET WITH HOOD from Zara

And while I am on the matter of soft and furry, I tried on a fake fur gilet (£65) in TopShop (here is the link to the mink one (pictured below), as the black version isn’t online), which has potential, although I did think it was a bit straight cut for me.  Size down – this is me in the size 8.  TopShop do good fake fur, so I will be keeping an eye out for more fake fur options as the winter stock continues to come in:





Now, we all make a mistake or two, don’t we?!  Here’s mine (£50 from River Island).  Yes, I love green, yes, I love paisley, yes, I love blazers.  But I don’t think that this item actually works.  I don’t think the colour is right.  Or the fabric.  So, back it goes.




Outfit: Massimo Dutti silk butterfly print (now damaged from slight pulls at the buttons, so unlikely to be worn often again.  Shame, as its pretty.  But too fragile.  Maybe I would fare better with roomier silk shirts, to avoid pulling)  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Australian brand bugle beaded sandals


Topshop camis

I wouldn’t usually have thought of wearing a camisole style top but having been initially lured by the beautiful leopard fluro print, I’ve been won over by Topshop’s camis.

They hang and drape very flatteringly and totally hide my muffinage and fleshy belly. They are light enough for really hot weather, sit nicely under a jacket and the straps are thin enough not to leave dodgy tan lines.
I’ve gone for maternity versions in a size down (10 not 12) where they do them simply because the straps are wider and mean I can wear a proper bra. The black one has been a revelation and has made lots of things wearable in a new way. They balance me out more than black tee shirts and (I hope) make me look less top heavy.

Here’s the black cami with my Zara yellow maxi skirt that I wore with Gigis yesterday evening.


I’m tempted by these too.
I’m thinking the blue printed one might go with the blue Zara draped harems I’m struggling to find a top for. It’s cropped though so I will size up.

Have a good Friday.

Cold Summer Fair

A lovely friend invited our family to join her brood at her work’s summer fair. Great company, happy kids, bbq, popcorn, candyfloss, Ferris Wheel and a HelterSkelter. Only the sunshine could’ve made it better.
20130623-212456.jpg I wore Zara skinnies, Topshop maternity vest, Zara cobalt jersey jacket, very old Zara TRF snake print sandals. I added a Zara cobalt leopard print scarf. And still froze. (I took the photo in the pub we were forced to warm up in)

I was supposed to be going to Wimbledon today but it’s School Sports Day so I am not. Instead I’m off to find a Sport’s Day outfit I can run in but not look like I think I’m competing in the Olympics.

Old Favourites

I like new things. I get excited when the fruits of my late night on line shopping are delivered (not so at the Post Office returns trips)

I also like old things – particularly my own old things. I was always a hoarder. I used to keep receipts, bus tickets, every card I was sent (we are a prolific card sending family so my collection was vast) Ten years ago I turned my back on collecting and embraced a new way of remembering things.

A decade on, my wardrobe is still work in progress. I have lots of clothes I’ve had for a very long time.

We had our loft converted last year. My only regret apart from the timing (we only just finished before La Bambina arrived) is that we now have very little storage at home.

I went to collect the two “London Summer” boxes from our storage unit last weekend.
20130605-074238.jpgHow happy I was to be reunited with my pale pink Swedish Hasbeens and my older dark tan Lotta from Stockholm clogs. I bought the Lottas first because they were a lot cheaper. I like them and have worn them a lot (though why I chose brown?!) I got the Hasbeens last year in the Office sale for less than half price. The Hasbeens are thinner and less clunky but otherwise there is little to tell them apart.
I had been wondering why I’d not bought new black sandals last year (I am maybe the only blogger who doesn’t really like my Sam Edelman Gigis) until I found these black sandals from M&S in my boxes. They were slated in reviews so reduced to less than a tenner. This is their third summer. I have the tan colour too.
The beaded beauties were from Primark via Sarah Wornout last year and have yet to be worn. A buckle broke the first time I did them up but has now been fixed and they will be seeing the light of day this week.

I have lots of sandals it seems. I may add a navy brogue style pair I have my eye on to my collection this year and that will be it.

20130605-125351.jpgFinal find to share today, a summery alternative to my beloved grey sweatshirts. This was from Marks & Spencer’s Limited Collection last year. The back is a buttercup almost neon yellow lace while the front is grey marl which makes it easy to wear with kids (I find small hands often snag my lace tops)
Yeay, it’s sunny and I have my legs out. H&M boyfriend denim shorts, neon and cream H&M tshirt, Topshop nude and neon sandals from last year.

Studs and dots

I bought this dress at the weekend. It looked like it would be easy to “throw on” in the inevitable school morning rush, easy to breast feed in and quite pretty. Little Legs asked why I was wearing pyjamas. Not the look I was going for but I like it.
Gap dotty chambray dress, Topshop Hipstar sandals.

I believe Gap have 25% off dresses today if you like it.