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My £10 spree

*Note: sorry about the wonky/dodgy photos*

All excited about the news that we are headed for a hot July, and inspired by Eve’s stripy dress, I headed off to H&M and Zara for some new summer clothes.  But I didn’t get there. I was way laid by a sale at my favourite charity shop, where most things were £2.  Reader, I have had a shopping spree and only spent £10.  I won’t even kid myself that this is also an act of charity.

1st purchase was this French Connection floral garden print skirt that I had always planned to buy (or something else in the same print – they also did a few dresses in it, too) when it was in the sales, but never did.

photo (3)

Apologies for the grimy mirror and the bad photos

photo 2 (3)

It makes me feel like dancing: cha cha cha.

photo 3 (3)

2nd purchase is this really nice, faded denim skirt from H&M.  Its so short that I can’t see me wearing it, except at home or on holidays, but its £2 and I like it.   And sometimes its nice not to be too prim.

photo (5)


photo 3 (5)

I’m quite liking the pockets

3rd purchase is this full black cotton H&M skirt, which is a bit short, but will be OK for when I am not with the Bolters.

photo 3


Here you can see my scary pale skin.  And the fold detail, giving it the full shape I like.  Although I still would like a longer (knee length), prom dress.  They are so pretty and quite feminine.

Just to make you smile, how hideous does this shape look on me?  It adds about 5kg to my frame.  No thank you.


Its interesting how much the shape of clothes can change how you look.

4th purchase is this standard, short Uniqlo denim skirt.  I used to have one, that I bought after I had my eldest, but after the baby weight came off, it was too big and Uniqlo didn’t seem to do them again.


5th and final purchase are these distressed ASOS jeans.  They need to be shortened and the left knee needs to be patched or something, but I thought it looked to be an easy, cheap project to have some cute summer jeans.  And, you know, for £2 I won’t cry if it doesn’t work out, will I?!


Today’s outfit is: old Australian brand tuxedo shirt (with sparkly cuff buttons) – I am a dandy at heart, H&M fancy pants cropped brocade trousers (now on sale for £12) and Sam Edelman Adenas.

photo (4)

Details, details

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (4)

Here is a photo of one of the littlest Bolters, in her old Gap striped trim dress, which I wish came in my size!