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New, again

Today I am enjoying using a “new” bag.  If a bag that’s 10 years’ old can be new.  Its an Oroton bag I bought back in Sydney and often used to use, but then the tab that you pull the zip closed with broke (it was leather).  So, the other day I pulled apart an Oroton keyring and used the big “O” from that as a new tab for the handbag zip.

I’m really delighted to be able to use this much loved bag again, that seems to be scratch proof (let’s just say that its hide hasn’t changed over the past 10 years, but mine sure has!), and is a timeless little thing.  Also, its a better size to hang from the buggy handle hook – my bigger bags swing around and are heavy when they hit my eldest, on the buggy board.  Doesn’t improve the morning nursery runs, let me tell you!  Actually, you can see her feet in the 2nd shot as she is standing next to me, telling me a story.

Anyway, today’s outfit is the oh so warm Uniqlo black heavy gauge wool roll neck, Zara super skinny jeans, Aldo red Frorani boots and the old, but new, again, Oroton bag.





I just had a look at the Oroton website, and, I must say, I’d have a hard time resisting these Supreme Weekend Boots if I was in Australia!

Trying not to get the blues over the weather

Seriously, it’s diabolical isn’t it? First day of Spring, pah.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be too mizzo over it – must look on the bright side and all that. Which is why, over on my personal blog, I was yesterday celebrating the fact that an overcast, muddy trip to a farm at least had the silver lining of making me beyond-words-glad that I am a born and bred city girl.

But the photo I posted of Margot (Penelope Keith in The Good Life) had her rocking an outfit in cobalt blue. It’s one of my favourite colours – Jasmine’s too – and, although we both have Asian colouring, I think that seeing Margot in this pic really shows just how easy and vibrant it is for just about any skin tone to wear.


So today: a bright blue slouchy sweater from Mango via Asos (great reduction; not so sure about the see-through styling here. Ask yourself: what would Margot say?), worn with one of my favourite necklaces, by Twisted Vintage, who rework old, sometimes even broken, pieces to make totally original and one-off items of statement jewellery.


Another blue item that makes me very happy is this scarf, a present from Eve when we were recently shopping in H&M. This photo doesn’t do the colour justice but it’s divine; truly uplifting. I’m wearing it right now with a grey Uniqlo sweater and my pyjama bottoms. I’m actually a bit annoyed by how nice they look together, since it’s a combination that really works, perhaps due in part to the colours in my (Primark) PJs, but one that’s unlikely to be seen outside the home. Pyjamas on the school run. Does anyone? Seriously? Ask yourself: would Margot?



H&M, naturally

NOTE: I have updated this post to include links and more specific details on the H&M linen tops.

I have come to the realisation that synthetic fibres really are to be avoided as much as possible, so when I went to H&M this morning, it was with a view to trying on only natural fibres.  Well, that limited things for me, didn’t it?!  There are options, though, as follows:

1. Blazer in cream with black stripes and gold threading

This cotton blazer really is lovely, and I think I will be going back for it.  At £30, its not a hard decision to make, although, as you can see, the size 10 is a little big.  And I don’t think I am a size 8.  Plus, the blazer is lined in polyester, which kind of defeats the purpose of choosing cotton.  Anyway, its a nice little thing, and I do still think I will get it.  Which I will need to go into a shop for, as its not on H&M’s diabolical website.  Which I really hope they fix.  Can you believe how many retailers have dreadful websites that you just can’t use easily??





2. Blue and white batik blazer (£30)

The quality in this cotton/linen blazer is pretty impressive – a nice, closely woven, heavy fabric.  Lovely.  Only I am not sure that this print is for me.  Still, if it floats your boat, I think its a great buy.


3. The linen tops (£15)

I have heard about the H&M linen tops, but, as you can see, the plain ones just don’t fit me.  But if they fit you, they are well priced at £13 for the short sleeved ones that come in plain and with lace sleeves and £15 for the long sleeved ones, both in plain (which I can’t find online) and with embroidery.  Can you believe how big the sizing, is, though?  I am wearing size small.  Which looks to be a size 14.  I did try one of the linen tops on a size S in a black and cream stripe with a zip down the back that fitted well, but my phone blacked out and died before I could photograph it.  More technology disappointment!



H black cream striped linen top 
 Website photo of the H&M linen top w zip at the back
H linen top
Short sleeved linen top
H linen top w lace sleeves
Short sleeved linen top w lace sleeves

4. Graphic print skinnies (£40)

Not an amount I would normally pay for H&M jeans, but these look nice.  I don’t, personally, like them enough for me to buy them, but they are quite good.  In general, I like the fit of the H&M trousers.  They look great and are, for the most part, incredible value.



And what did I wear?  Today’s outfit is Zara oriental bird print scarf, cream/beige wool coat from Australia, Primark black l sleeve top, Uniqlo cream leather belt, TopShop Baxters and Mimco tan Anarchy ankle boots.


Winter whites

After a few days of trying different styles of jeans and trousers, this morning I returned to skinny jeans.  And, like Jasmine WornOut, its the Baxter skinny jeans, only I am wearing them in white.  TopShop seem to do the white ones every year, and I’ve yet to find a thicker pair of white skinny jeans.  If you know of any other contenders, though, please do let me know, as I would like another pair.

Anyway, I’ve worn white skinny jeans, because I have seen a few pics on Pinterest of some great looking outfits featuring white skinnies in winter with ankle boots and coats/blazers and really wanted to be able to crack this look myself.  Its just such a nice break from dark denim.

Today’s outfit, Gap grey wool V-neck (bought yesterday from a charity shop – straight to work, my little bargain!), Zara sparkly necklace, Uniqlo black Heattech, TopShop white Baxter skinny jeans, White Stuff grey Daisy ankle boots.  And then also Massimo Dutti black pea coat and raspberry pink silk/cashmere pashmina (so luxe!  And definitely a deep berry pink, not the red it appears in either the eBay photo or my photo below).




Zara sparkly necklace

TopShop Baxter white

The main attraction: Baxter white skinny jeans

DAISY ANKLE BOOT | boots & shoes | White Stuff

Crazy about Daisy

And here are the photos that I have pinned on Pinterest of lovely winter outfits with white skinnies.  Enjoy!

sharp style- J.Crew


White Jeans  http://markdsikes.com/2013/03/04/white-now-part-3/

love the black and white..

Capucine Safyurtlu, Claire Dhelens and Geraldine Saglio at Hermès. #Paris

FRENCH EDITORS  http://markdsikes.com/2012/10/02/the-french-way/


Points scored

Well, I am nothing if not a trier!  Here I am in the Diesel Ronhar bootcuts again (one of my three pairs), bought about 4 or 5 years ago.  And have been languishing while I frolicked and pootled and played (any other mothers of young children reading?) in skinnies.  And now, while I still love a skinny jean or two, I want some variety.  So out came the old bootcuts again.

I tried them with flip flops, and with the right top, I like them.  I tried them with slipper flats, and, to my eyes, its not a good look.  I think because, with bootcuts, I prefer it if you can see either all foot (a la flip flops), or all shoe.  So I have tried them again with pointy heeled boots, and the pointy boots have scored.  Its a combo that works for me.

Today’s outfit: Massimo Dutti green, black and cream scarf, Uniqlo black roll neck wool jumper, Uniqlo cream heattech thermal top, Nine West pointy heeled boots.





Here is a photo of my Massimo Dutti scarf, and I thought I’d mention again that Cos have a lovely looking scarf in similar colours:

Massimo Dutti wool animal print scarf

Massimo Dutti scarf

Wool and silk print scarf

Cos wool and silk scarf (£35)