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I usually delegate rugby match duty to my other half, but today it fell to me and I prepared for the worst weather-wise. In fact, it was a beautiful sunny morning but I was still glad of all the layers. The first layer is a Hanro long sleeve silk vest, a very good investment that has lasted years, then my Zadig and Voltaire sparkly cashmere jumper, a Vanessa Bruno cashmere cardigan from a couple of years ago, Oasis houli-a-likes, my Gerard Darel coat, a nude pink Zara scarf and old, but much loved Gap biker boots, with sheepskin insoles. My boots have acquired a stain on the front, but I think I’ll just regard it as character-giving rather than a reason to bin them!

Stashed in my bag was the new US Vogue, delivered by courier just as I was leaving the house! Also cashmere wrist warmers and hat – you can tell I wasn’t taking any chances. The bag is a version of the Vanessa Bruno paillettes bags. I had one but the straps were too short to put over my shoulder which i found very annoying and so I made one to my own specs and ebayed the VB.

My boys team won and we celebrated with ice cream on the way home, cherry for me, strawberry for him. Yum!


Girls day out

My daughter has been wanting to do this for so long, and today the two of us and my lovely friend T and her daughter are going into town to shop and eat cake. After low carbing for 2 weeks I plan to ensure that cake is involved! I imagine the girls are planning that there will be sparkly stuff involved at some point also.  I love this stage of the sales, 75% reductions abound so hopefully there will be purchases to report back on!

It is chilly as usual for mid July, so I’m wearing Reiss Minna lace top, Topshop Ponte blazer. Oasis cherry jeans, Tory Burch Revas, my beloved Vanessa Bruno Lune bag returned from storage, and my new J Crew necklace. Will probably cover it all up with a coat!