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How many layers?!

My eldest boy has amazing circulation and never feels the cold, he wears short sleeved t-shirts all year round and teases me with my multiple layers. I hate winter with a passion, I feel like Fortycoats, a character from a old children’s tv programme who wore, well, 40 coats.

Today I was back on the school run and wore jeans for the first time in about a month. Its is easy to get away with skirts and dresses and opaque tights when the weather is moderately cold but shivering with icey thighs is not a good look, so I will have to reassess my wardrobe. I love the coated DP skinnies that some of the other WornOuters have been wearing but I know just from looking at the cut that they will do nothing for my pear shape. Time for an investigative trip around the shops I think.

So my layers today are: silk thermal long sleeved vest, long sleeved t from Topshop, Anya Hindmarch lightweight (but very warm)  cashmere jumper, Vince cashmere tunic, 140 denier opaques, Oasis Cherry jeans, Aldo wedge trainers with sheepskin insole (via ebay, I couldn’t live without them), Marks and Spencer cashmere wrist warmers, and a beautiful scarf I bought last year by Sian Jacobs. I saw it in a shop window, and (unusually for me as I generally don’t impulse buy) snapped it up – navy and sequins, two of my favorite things, how could I resist!

Can you see me?

I hope not.   I’m in camouflage.  I’ve still got bright red piggy eyes – how the heck long does bloody conjunctivitis (viral) take to go??  And I know that in the scheme of things it shouldn’t matter but it does make me feel old and ugly.  I have two options – brazen it out, wear fabulous clothes and DARE people to even look at my eyes.  Or go into mole mode.  I’ve chosen the latter today despite the fact that this evening I’ve got to go to a parents evening to meet lots of new parents.  Urghh.

But I rather like mole mode.  It’s comforting and feels ‘right’.  Perhaps I’m a natural mole!





All old stuff – Jumper – Vince, Scarf – YSL, jeans – jbrand skinnies, boots – Rag & Bone