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Red again

So having just seen Belinda looking gorgeous in her red jacket its clear we’re having a bit of a red moment.   I wore a red jumper yesterday and today my new Gap jacket courtesy of their special offer last week which made the jacket very reasonable indeed.

Its a great fit on me and the colour is cheery but I definitely prefer it with slightly more worn jeans and now fancy some distressed/ripped ones similar to those Eve wore last week.

My top is Virginie Castaway – pretty but shocking quality, Jeans are the Hudson baby bootcuts and am wearing my  very high Tory Burch wedges.  You can see the pretty top here more clearly

And yes the handbag is indeed the Tory Burch one I mentioned a couple of weeks ago – a birthday present to myself.

Am still perusing US Vogue and have become addicted to the Amelia Peabody novels as recommended by Chelsea Clinton – the only problem is that I’m getting slightly annoyed that I don’t have a wonderful manny to care for my children when I fancy a little time off.

Oh and if anyone knows how to stop cats bringing mice/voles in the house do please let me know.  Was woken at 3am by the cats devouring a vole next to my bed.  Delightful.  Utterly delightful.