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Winter whites

After a few days of trying different styles of jeans and trousers, this morning I returned to skinny jeans.  And, like Jasmine WornOut, its the Baxter skinny jeans, only I am wearing them in white.  TopShop seem to do the white ones every year, and I’ve yet to find a thicker pair of white skinny jeans.  If you know of any other contenders, though, please do let me know, as I would like another pair.

Anyway, I’ve worn white skinny jeans, because I have seen a few pics on Pinterest of some great looking outfits featuring white skinnies in winter with ankle boots and coats/blazers and really wanted to be able to crack this look myself.  Its just such a nice break from dark denim.

Today’s outfit, Gap grey wool V-neck (bought yesterday from a charity shop – straight to work, my little bargain!), Zara sparkly necklace, Uniqlo black Heattech, TopShop white Baxter skinny jeans, White Stuff grey Daisy ankle boots.  And then also Massimo Dutti black pea coat and raspberry pink silk/cashmere pashmina (so luxe!  And definitely a deep berry pink, not the red it appears in either the eBay photo or my photo below).




Zara sparkly necklace

TopShop Baxter white

The main attraction: Baxter white skinny jeans

DAISY ANKLE BOOT | boots & shoes | White Stuff

Crazy about Daisy

And here are the photos that I have pinned on Pinterest of lovely winter outfits with white skinnies.  Enjoy!

sharp style- J.Crew


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love the black and white..

Capucine Safyurtlu, Claire Dhelens and Geraldine Saglio at Hermès. #Paris

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