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Winter Kate – at last.

Some of the worn out bloggers had the opportunity to meet up yesterday for a fabulous lunch, a little shopping (thank you and curtsey to AM worn out) and much needed catch up at the roof top restaurant in Selfridges.

I have finally got something to blog about after a dismal Summer and a sea of corporate Navy/Grey and Black. I wore out for the first time the Winter Kate kimono maxi dress. I bought this earlier on this year in the sale at My Wardrobe.com.  It’s very long and the only maxi I have that is floor length. I have others but they just skim my ankles, not a good look for a very tall person in my humble opinion.

The sandals are Sam Edelman Trinas in the nude/beigey/oatmeal colour with a gold heel.   I am pleased to report a purchase was made in size 9 or US 11 and a very good fit. Result.

I treated myself to a pair of oversized Louis Vuitton sunglasses via Duty Free this year on holiday. Silvery grey in colour, they are decorated with tiny sparkles BUT are a real challenge to wear and enjoy. They are literally oversized by which I mean falling/sliding and dropping off my face onto the pavement. Not pleased. The big tote bag is from Marc by Marc Jacobs, a discounted purchase.

Apart from the sunglasses malfunction and having to leave early I had a really lovely and much deserved day out. Many thanks to the weather and to the worn outters who really do bring sunshine to my busy life.



You’ve Been Tango’d

I’ve never been one for a fake tan (Asian skin: it’s saved me a lot of time, money, effort and streakiness, I suspect) but orange seems to have featured heavily in what I’ve worn out this week.

First up, and oh-so-glamorously, a hospital appointment. Now, when the nurse commented on the ducks on my Primark blouse and joked that I’d “gone quackers’, I did wonder if perhaps I was meant to be at the other hospital, the one across the road here in this sunny corner of SE London, which treats psychiatric patients. In fact, I wondered whether I’d gone quackers in buying/ wearing the blouse at all, since the big bow is not really my style, although I have since warmed to it.


Duck blouse, Primark. Trousers, H&M. Gold sandals, ASOS.

Anyway. One consultation and one X-Ray later and I left with the happy news that the pneumonia which has plagued me since April, made me a breathless wreck with the hacking cough of an old man at the pub and stopped my marathon training in its tracks has finally departed these lungs and I am back to good health, albeit with a lot of respiratory fitness to re-build up.

So, to celebrate, I headed to Runners Need in town, had a new gait assessment and bought brand new shoes (I also met Ann WornOut for a champers or two in Selfridges … I found her in the Louboutin section of the Shoe Galleries which made my uber-chunky Brooks trainers in their shiny white plastic bag look less appealing than ever ….) And then today … dah dah DAAAH… I went for a run. Only a couple of miles, mind, (the doctor said to take it slow) but it felt so good to be out there again, even if way harder than it felt a few months ago when I was training 5-6 times a week. I was so excited to be wearing my running gear again that I took a photo; like the shoes, it’s all from Runners Need.

As a final touch to my tango-tastic week, we went to a wedding reception last night, to which I wore a purchase from my-wardrobe last year, a Winter Kate halterneck maxi in orange silk. Since it’s been such a rubbish summer, I’ve not had much occasion to wear it this year so last night seemed the perfect opportunity. With it, I wore my gold winged sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, available on netaporter.

Speaking of sandals, I linked the other day to a pair of Kurt Geiger flats I’d bought. Or that I thought I’d bought. I’m not sure what happened, but when it occurred to me a few days later that I’d not had the confirmation email, I did a bit of investigating and – nope, no purchase. And of course now they’re no longer available in my size. What happened?? Maybe I really am going quackers.


Winter Kate Passenger floral halter maxi in orange silk